I almost quit this project. Several times. But, in the end, I decided to push through, even though it did not turn out exactly how I envisioned. (Scroll through here to see the individual days.)

The day after Christmas, I took in the mess of scraps on my desk and this almost completed album and used all my inner strength not to swipe everything into the garbage in one swoop. I was so close to tossing it all out. So close. Like hands poised above the trash can, ready to chuck this album.

But I put it down. Stepped away from the glue sticks. And told myself, I’d finish it when I finished it. Whenever that was. It might not be today. In fact, it might not be until sometime in early 2012. A December 2011 album completed in January of 2012?! Call the Scrapbook Police!

I decided not to press the panic button and to complete this album when I had a few minutes to complete it. One evening I got my chance and furiously printed pictures, wrote some journaling, and slapped it together. I felt glad, relieved I finished it. But also sad because it didn’t end how I wanted it to.

And sad in general because December didn’t end as I expected, either. December felt like one giant slap in the face. And my cheek is still burning from the force of it’s furry.

So after I finished it, I thought, well, I can’t post it. But, since I’m funny about needing things complete, I didn’t want my archives to reflect a 3/4th’s complete December album. So I threw caution to the wind and backdated those suckers. Because I could. Because I needed to. Because I needed to show that December that I finished it. That I crossed it off my list. That it can’t pin me down and make me believe the lies it tells me. I’m free of you, December. And I’m moving on.


Sarah is a thiry-something wife to an engineer and mother of three. She loves teaching aerobic and cycling classes, learning to shoot with her DSLR in manual mode, and drinking coffee.