+What do you think about this idea of a blogging roadmap? I am all about being organized and thoughtful with blogging. But I also like room for ebbing and flowing.

+Love this idea for melted crayon art.

+Check out EmilyNoel83’s series on her top picks for 2011’s best make up products. I love that Emily, and I hardly ever purchase anything outside of her recommendations.

+Sometimes Pinterest freaks me out. But I love this take on how to use Pinterest as a vision board for your novel or other creative project.

+This essay totally spoke to my soul.

+Great tips on how to make friends online.

+I can’t wait to meet Meagan Francis at Blissdom, and I love her article on Babble about redefining and embracing the term homemaker.

+Great post from the lovely and talented Elise on staying inspired.

+Kerri is such a sweetheart, and I love her post this week on all those emotions I know all new mothers can relate to.

What caught your eye this week?