I wasn’t going to do any Easter Egg Hunt stuff or egg dying or baskets. But yesterday I started to worry that Kate would go on in life and tell all her friends how her mother never did any craft/holiday/motherly stuff, which would scar her for life. So armed with a 40% off regular price item coupon, she and I dashed over to Michael’s for some Easter stuff. I’ll share my egg dying adventures with a toddler next week.

+This article is over a year old, but these words about radical acceptance are evergreen. Radical acceptance is something I could use a lot more work on.

+I think Caiti and I are soul sisters. I loved her thoughts in her recent post on Stratejoy.

+Here’s a link to my post on Stratejoy this week.

+Amy wrote a great post on how her recent trip to Paris changed her perspective on her life.

+I’ve never heard of Felicia Day, but this profile on her in the Washington Post caught my eye. I like how she does things her own way with her web video series. And how she embraces her geeky self.

Anyone else dying eggs with a toddler? Easter egg hunting? Making deviled eggs? Matzah fans?


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