I decided to participate in Ali Edward’s Week in the Life project on a whim last year. But it ended up being one of my most favorite set of posts.

To me, my life can seem boring. I go to the same park several times a week, I’m a creature of habit, I eat the same oatmeal day in and day out. And sometimes life can see like one tip toe forward, two giant steps back.

But when I documented a week in my life last year, each night as I downloaded my pictures to my computer, I couldn’t believe all I accomplished each day.

Not only that, but documenting my life all day, each day, for a week sparked my creative fire. I worked to catch the same aspects of my life – meals, Kate playing, the dog sleeping – in new ways each day. I do do a lot of boring stuff each day just to keep life running. But last year’s week in the life showed me that those mundane tasks don’t define me. My life is full of meaningful stuff, too. And I can’t wait to document both the mundane and the meaningful.


Sarah is a thiry-something wife to an engineer and mother of three. She loves teaching aerobic and cycling classes, learning to shoot with her DSLR in manual mode, and drinking coffee.