Prompt for December 29:  Try.  What do you want to try this coming year?  Is it something that has been on the bucket list for a while, or is it something you swore up and down to others you’d never, ever do?  What new waters – those uncharted or those well-navigated – will you dip your toes into this year?

My best girlfriend, Marie, and I reconnected a couple of weeks ago.  She and I have been friends since high school, and the best part about having a friend like Marie is, no matter how many days or weeks we’ve been apart, we can reconnect like no time passed between us.

And when we reconnect, magically we both seem to be struggling with a similar issue.  We spent hours sitting at my kitchen table talking about how we don’t do things for fun.  When we have a minute of free time, we’re unloading the dishwasher, tossing in more laundry, pricing out a home improvement project, meal planning.  If we take time to do something simple because it’s pleasurable, well, then we aren’t making good use of our limited time.

But then we got to talking about how all that drudgery stuff can break a girl down.  All work and no play makes Sarah and Marie dull.  So what if we went into cohoots with each other?  We got together to do these simply for fun activities?  That way, in our must-be-working-all-the-time brains, we are doing something productive (catching up and counseling each other) while also doing something for fun.

Genius, no?

So, what are we going to do?

We talked about working on our Project Life pages together, baking some complicated bread, various craft projects, anything that seems like fun.  And if it’s a bust, then we still spent time together, so it will always be a win.

What are you going to try this year?  Are you going to do something just for fun?

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Sarah is a thiry-something wife to an engineer and mother of three. She loves teaching aerobic and cycling classes, learning to shoot with her DSLR in manual mode, and drinking coffee.

  • Marie

    Oh, Sarah, I keep thinking about our talk. It made me feel so refreshed to catch up with you and spend hours talking away. I am really excited about our “just for fun” plans in the New Year! No more endless To Do Lists! There will always be more to do, and we will be more energized to do what needs to be done if we take some time for fun along the way. 🙂