I mentioned Friday that I’m participating in the annual Week in the Life project, hosted by Ali Edwards.  I remember feeling so intimidated when I first tried this project.  I wasn’t used to taking daily photos.  I didn’t think my life was that interesting to warrant a week of deep documentation.  And, really, I still feel that way about the interestingness of my life.

So that’s my challenge this week.  While I no longer fear my camera (or fear being in the picture), I still struggle with finding the meaning in the everyday life I lead.  And lately I’ve been on a quest to discover more meaning in my everyday life.  So this project comes at a good time.  I’m hoping it reveals a few insights.

Are you participating in this year’s Week in the Life?  If so, what do you hope to get out of it?  How do you find meaning in your everyday ordinaryness?


Sarah is a thiry-something wife to an engineer and mother of three. She loves teaching aerobic and cycling classes, learning to shoot with her DSLR in manual mode, and drinking coffee.