It seems this month’s book theme was: family. So if you’re into that, here are some good reads.

When Breath Becomes Air

This book. So gut wrenching. So good. I think with books like this, it depends on what you bring to the table. If you have a lot of history and experience with terminal illness, you might feel differently (or might want to not read this book). While sad, I also found it deeply inspiring. I can’t imagine what his family went through, but I appreciate his profound words and thoughts on life and death and everything in between.

The Nest

On a very different note, this book is about four, entitled, grown ups who act like children. I read this for my book club, and we all agreed that while we liked it…we don’t think we’d recommend it. It was well written and there were definitely interesting themes. I particularly liked the theme of family and the different roles we play in our family and the secrets we keep and why. But overall, I didn’t find that anything in particular about it stuck with me.

Miller’s Valley

This was my favorite reads of the month. This was my first Anna Quindlen book, and I loved, loved, loved this book. I love a good coming of age story, and this is a good coming of age story but with so much depth about family and secrets. Mimi Miller, the main character, ranks up there as one of my favorite of main characters of all time. I related to Mimi’s love for her family and her role in the family. If you pick up one book this month, pick this one.

Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

I was on an Anna Quindlen kick after Miller’s Valley, so I decided to try out her non-fiction. This is a memoir about her life and the lives of women today. I found it funny and real and honest and she said so many things I’ve always thought to be true (at least for me). A quick and sweet read. Highly recommend.

I’m currently reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Hope, and Death in a Mumbai Undercity for my book club. What are you reading?


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  • Jessica Smith

    I just finished The Passenger by Lisa Lutz. I enjoyed it. It’s a page-turner and a quick read! It was a great beach book!