Week in the Life 2011


Completed Week in the Life

Phew! I finally completed my Week in the Life album, and I am glad to have it done. I am one of those people who feels like she cannot move on to other projects until she finishes a current project. Since I have bunches of paper projects up my sleeve, I wanted to finish my Week in the Life, so I could get started on some other things.

In the the video, I walk through how I made my album and some of the products I used. Did you do a Week in the Life project? Let me know! I would love to see your project. Questions? Let me know in the comments – I am happy to answer any burning Week in the Life questions.

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Week in the Life: Sunday, Sunday…ends and beginnings

Up at 7:30 a.m. for spin class. Third spin class of the week. Can you tell I love spin class?

At spin class, regale classmates with the story of my bike incident and banged up knee.

Come home, shower, family breakfast. Leftover bagels and scrambled eggs. Kate gobbles down about eight mini pancakes. Play around, go for a walk. Come home, take Dan’s bike in to get tuned up, so he can join Kate and I on biking adventures. Find ourselves pleasantly surprised at the tune up cost.

At home, Dan plays with Kate in my office while I work on Saturday’s Week in the Life post. Laugh at the images I captured on camera. Dan puts Kate down for a nap, I start work. I like to work each day. I am not really one for taking “time off.” I get all anxious about catching up. Life seems much more manageable when taken in bite sized chunks. Not that I never take breaks. Oh yes, I take breaks. But I prefer to work some each day to keep my To Do list at bay. Plus, I am fortunate to work on a pretty flexible basis, so I can do my mom-thing and work-thing. Mostly. Everyday is a balance.

Click click away, doing my computer work. Kate wakes up from her nap. Feed her copious amounts of Teddy Grahams.

My parents stop over to play with Kate in her pool. This only grandchild thing is really working for Kate. And it’s nice that my parents (and Dan’s parents) live just 15 minutes away and can stop by on a random Sunday to watch Kate splash in her pool.

Say good bye to the Grandparents. Put away laundry. Why does laundry keep piling up? Seriously. Never ending. Think about what I need to accomplish next week. Write up my To Do list.

Dan needs to work tonight, so I am on my own. Think about what I want for dinner. Look forward to watching the new season of Project Runway on my DVR while eating cereal on the couch with Mac Book in hand after Kate goes to bed. Finish up my Sunday Week in the Life post. Can’t believe I documented an entire week.

Observations: I found this project completely worthwhile. Documenting the bits and pieces of the things we do each day painted a picture of our life I rarely see with all the comings and goings.

Thank you for reading this series. I just ordered my prints, so look for a Week in the Life scrapbook project in coming weeks. Please leave a comment with any questions about Week in the Life, and I will answer in the comments. Now, here goes another week.

Week in the Life: Saturday fun

Up at 7:30 a.m. for 8:00 a.m. BodyStep class. Feels practically sinful given my Monday through Friday 5:30 a.m. wake ups.

Hear Kate in her crib singing “DADA DAAAAADA DADADADADA DA DA DA.” Find her cuteness almost too irresistible to leave, but I do. Today my friend/instructor, Kim, teaches BodyStep, and it is not to be missed.

Head home after a good sweat, Dan and Kate head out to procure bagels while I shower. Breakfast together. We don’t eat breakfast together Monday through Friday, so I relish lazy weekend mornings. Squirt whip cream in my coffee because that’s how I like it. Read the paper, chat, play with Kate. Decide to take a walk even though it feels like 95 degrees. But, the lack of humidity makes it feel warm instead of like choking on pea soup while walking through a rain forest.

Kate falls asleep in her stroller. Proceed to clean up, get organized for the day. Leave Kate in her stroller parked in the living room. Kate wakes up, feed her lunch, play, try to put her down for a real nap (given the stroller nap only lasted 30 minutes).

While Kate fusses in her crib, Dan works on hitching the baby trailer to my new bike. What new bike, you ask? Look for more detail soon in another post. High fives to Dan for figuring out how to collapse the trailer and how to hitch it to my bike. Take the bike out for my first test run with my cycle shoes. Momentary panic because, well, it takes some getting used to, clicking your feet in the pedals without falling over. Dan holds onto the bike like a parent would a child while I figure out how to click in without falling over. Laugh because our neighbors probably think I don’t know how to ride a bike. Click in, Dan let’s go, and off I ride.

Come back after mastering how to click in and out. Dan hitches up the trailer for me to test (without Kate). I say I know how to do it, I’m fine. Proceed to clip in my left shoe, find myself off balance, and crash in my driveway. Tear a chunk out of my knee. Breathe a sigh of relief because I needed to take a tumble, so I would not be scared any more. Try again and this time succeed.

After a turn around the neighborhood, feel good about taking Kate with me the next time. Clean up my knee and send my Week in the Life pictures to Winkflash. Kate wakes up, feed her animal crackers – her new favorite snack – and pop her in the bike trailer. She loves it. We tool around the neighborhood, so I can practice pulling her weight and clipping in and out without tumbling off the bike.

Arrive home, clean up, no one feels like cooking, head to Red Robin for dinner. Enjoy a guacamole burger. Realize how hungry I am. Kate eats cheese and french fries. Head home to play a bit, Kate chases Belle and tries to give her kisses. Night time for Kate, ice cream and TV shows for her parents.

Observations: Having my camera out and at the ready helps me capture so many more moments that I otherwise would never have seen.

Week in the Life: Friday, Friday, meltdowns on Friday

Friday, Friday. Ups and downs.

Up at 5:30 a.m. for spin. Love spin. Love my spin shoes. Love my spin instructor, Kim.

After a good sweat, back to the ranch, shower, grab Kate, make breakfast. Think about what I need to get done today. Try to come up with something fun for Kate.

Decide to hit up the local park. Think this will be a great idea. Let Kate loose. Chase Kate. All goes well for about 10 minutes. Then she decides to sit in the dirt. Try to remove her. Freak out. Let it go. Until she starts throwing dirt. Don’t let Kate throw dirt on other kids. Que meltdown. Try to redirect her. Failed. Try again. Kate throws herself on the ground, screams, kicks dirt everywhere, kicks me, proceeds to make a huge scene. Decide to end this 15 minute park trip.

Attempt to wrangle her into her carseat. She does this thing where she arches her back and screams, making it darn near impossible to buckle her in. Tell her mommy will get arrested if she does not strap in her. More screams ensue.

Drive to Safeway to pick up a take and bake pizza for dinner. Non stop wailing from the backseat. Have my own meltdown in the parking lot at Safeway. Shed some tears over the stress of the week. Call my dad to whine. Dad tells me not to press the panic button. Wipe my face and decide to keep trucking with today.

Pick up the pizza and some pudding for a fun project. Come back, feed Kate lunch, put Kate down for a nap. Take some Ibuprofen. Migraines tend to linger, leaving muscle aches and eye pains in their wake. Work on blogging, special projects, call my mom to decompress. Kate wakes up from her nap. Don’t like the look of her butt. Decide she needs a prescription.

Wait on hold with Vienna Pediatrics for at least 30 minutes. Explain situation. Try to get nurse to ask one of Kate’s doctors to send over a prescription without an appointment. Tell her I am pretty sure I know what she needs. Nurse yells at me. Try to interject. Nurse continues interrupting me and generally exuding nastiness. Tell nurse I know she is busy, but I am just a mom trying to trouble shoot today. Not challenging her or telling her how to do her job. Nurse calms down. Makes me an appointment.

Head on over the pediatrician’s office. Seeing the new doctor. She turns out to be super sweet. Sends over a prescription to my CVS. Head home.

Decide Kate and I need some fun today. Set her up with some pudding and her blow up pool and let her go nuts totally naked (air helps the diaper rash.) More details in a forthcoming post. Lots of fun, plus she smells yummy like chocolate pudding.

Leave Kate with Dan while I head over to CVS to pick up Kate’s prescription. CVS tells me they don’t have it. I tell them the doctor sent it over well over an hour ago, so why don’t they check again. All employees ignore me. Try again to get them to get their attention. Explain I know they are busy, but I need help seeing as I cannot fill this prescription myself. They tell me they don’t have it and do nothing to help me acquire it. Ask if this is a problem on the CVS end or the pediatrician’s end. They look at me like I am speaking Martian. Become increasingly more annoyed. I don’t understand how this RX just vanished. How can we trouble shoot this situation? Again, nothing. Call Dan and tell him, that’s it, we are switching to Walgreens. Think I might have some of the RX cream leftover from the last time, give up on CVS, head home.

Dan added extra toppings to our take and bake cheese pizza. Decide to feed Kate and put her to bed before we eat dinner because by Friday we tire of listening to screaming while we eat. Dan bathes Kate and puts her to bed while I tend the pizza. We eat in delicious silence, then watch TV and go to bed.

And, no, I never did get that prescription filled Friday. Decide to tackle it Saturday with renewed energy.

Observations: I beat myself up for not getting enough done. But if this Week in the Life has shown me anything, it’s that I do accomplish a lot. And it’s okay to cry in the Safeway parking lot. Let it out, take a deep breath, put on your big girl pants, and get to it.

Week in the Life: Thursday task master

Thursday, you can’t stop me.

Up at 5:30 a.m. for BodyPump class. Second BodyPump class of the week. Feel better today after yesterday’s migraine.

Get home, shower, and decide to apply this Vaseline Cocoa Butter moisturizing body gel per YouTube Beauty Guru Emily Noel. Decide I smell like a delicious cookie, which is awesome. But also decide I kind of feel like I dipped myself in Crisco, which is not so awesome. I feel like I am melting a stick of better between my legs whenever I cross them. But my skin feels super smooth, so I go with it.

Rescue Kate from her crib and get going on breakfast. Frozen waffle and banana for Kate, Grapenuts with bananas and blueberries for mommy. Grapenuts? Yes, Grapenuts. I went through this big Grapenut kick a couple years ago. And, in true Sarah fashion, I completely OD’ed on it. But it has been a good long while since then, so I decided to try them again. And now I want to eat Grapenuts for each and every meal. They are an acquired taste, to be sure.

Hop on my computer to tackle a couple of tasks before my playgroup arrives. I bust out my Wednesday post and retool some copy for work in advance of an afternoon’s conference call. Finish my computer work, quickly blow dry my hair, run around in my hot rollers while cleaning up and getting snack out for the little ones. Dan helps blow up the pool and arrange the deck. (Sidenote: Dan inquired about the lack of mention of his contributions to my week. Let it be known, Dan is my main man, my super helper, capable of reaching high places, fetches me ice cream Friday nights, and mostly performs back rubs on demand.)

By now, it’s 10 a.m. and the playgroupers arrive. Thursdays are my favorite because I love these ladies. This mom job is kinda tough. And these ladies reassure me I am doing a great job, offer suggestions for how to tackle a diaper rash, and regale us with humorous stories of exploding diapers. So the kids splash in the pool and eat Cherrios off the deck while us mommies catch up. By noon the kids turn into pumpkins and everyone departs for lunch and nap. Kate consents to eating some cheese for lunch but won’t drink out of her sippy cup. In fact, all she wants to do is play her favorite game of throw sippy cup on the floor so milk leaks everywhere and cry until the sippy cups is returned to me so I can throw it again. Mommy dislikes this game. Rock Kate and put her down for her nap.

This is the time of day where I consume copious amounts of tea and coffee. I start off with a current favorite – orange spice tea – and soon chase it with Donut Shop brand Keurig cups. Mmmm….coffee. I love coffee so much that I think about it before I go to bed, looking forward to that morning cup, and I cannot wait for my afternoon fix. If everyone gets a vice, coffee is mine. So I happily caffeinate and prepare for my afternoon conference call.

Kate wakes up right as my call finishes, and in total, she sleeps maybe an hour and a half. That is awesome. The best nap this week. Victory dance!

She eats her snack – Teddy Grahams, her new favorite – in my office while I finish up some emails. And then, while I don’t want to, I decide we simply must make a trek to Tysons Corner to return some stuff to Old Navy. I am dreading this return because during my last transaction, I returned something and bought something. But then, since I try to be Earth conscience, I told the girl at the register I would be happy to reuse my bag. And that is how I ended up with my new purchase PLUS the purchase I tried to return. The old purchase snuck back in when I bought the new item.

But, alas, I don’t want anyone thinking I am a thief, plus, I decided I didn’t like the stuff I got anyway. So we trudge to Tysons, head up to Old Navy, and explain the situation. This does not phase the Old Navy personnel at all, and they do not consider me a thief. Phew!

Against my better judgment, I decide to walk around Macys. For some reason, I keep thinking I will find this pair of capris I have in my head but cannot find at any store. Yet I keep looking. And I don’t find what I am looking for. About two minutes into this Macy’s trip, Kate lets it be known she does not like Macy’s. Well, I’ve come prepared for her mood and give her a bag of animal crackers to feast on while I breeze through racks that can’t decide if they want to be summer or fall. Give up.

At home I realize I need to bake the cookies for my Vienna Mom’s Board meeting tonight. Bake cookies while simultaneously make dinner. Super excited because tonight is taco night. Dan informs me he must get on a conference call at 6 p.m. Boo. Eat dinner alone with Kate. She makes terrible dinner company. She chews with her mouth open, I cannot understand a word she said, and then she throws my culinary efforts on the floor. (Geeze, I just realized how much food Kate throws on the floor. See, that is why I feel bad for people without dogs. They have to clean that up. That’s how Belle earns her keep around here, helping me with the floors.)

Clean up while Kate dismantles the family room. Finish the dishes and clean up the family room. Kate takes out everything I put away. Put things away again. Kate follows behind taking things out. And this is why moms loose their minds.

Dan finishes his call, comes up, and puts Kate in the bath. I re-clean. Kate comes and gives me kisses AND smacks on the face. Such a lucky mommy! Dan puts her to bed while I get set up for my meeting.

Transfer photos from today while I set out cookies and Crystal Lite. Finish uploading, select my favorite photos. Board members arrive, we talk shop and preschools and potty training. Smile because I am lucky to know these ladies. Finish up our meeting, check email while brushing my teeth, and hop into bed.

Observations: The more I have to do, the better I am. And the more efficient.

Week in the Life: Wednesday knocks me down, but I get up again

Wednesday, it was wild.

Up at 5:30 a.m. for cycle class. Love cycle. Love my cycle shoes. They make me feel like the bionic woman.

Back a little after 7 a.m. Kate is not screaming. Mistakenly think this bodes well.

Use my new shampoo in the shower. Don’t you love using your new stuff? I get a shower high when I break out a new shampoo or body wash or Skintimate. Ahhh…

Okay, after I am scrubbed and clean, I think I might be able to eat breakfast alone because – epps! – Kate is still sleeping. Then Belle barks loud enough to wake up the entirety of Vienna. Kate cries. Take deep breaths lest I commit an adult-sized tantrum.

Get Kate, select a wacky floral-print shirt, feed her another frozen waffle. Decide to continue this frozen waffle thing for as long as it works. Why fix something that isn’t broken, I almost never day but am going to start saying today.

Fix myself blueberries and Cherrios and read the advice columns in the paper. I love reading advice columns. If I am feeling frustrated with my life, all I have to do is read an advice column, and I think to myself, “self, aren’t you lucky your best friend isn’t sleeping with my third cousin twice removed/brother-in-laws former roommate who also happens to be my maternal aunt’s boss. I truly lead a fortunate life.”

Unload the dishwasher and try to keep Kate from tossing all the clean silverware on the floor. Decide today will require heaps of coffee because the To Do list keeps getting longer.

Hastily get ready to attack the morning. I need to meet a Vienna Mom to notarize a document for her. What? You did not know I was a notary? Yep, it’s just another cool thing about me. I am over 18, English is my first language, and I have never ever been convicted of a felony. Therefore, I made an excellent candidate for the position of notary. Why did I become a notary, you ask? One day I woke up and thought, “I am going to get my notary license.” Really, I did. There was this woman at one of my old places of employment, and she was a notary. It came in all sorts of handy, so I decided to be one too. Plus, I thought it sounded fun. And it has come in handy, especially in times like these where I can help out a fellow mom so she does not have to schelp her two young kids to the bank and pay for some teller to sign a document.

So we did that and then popped over to Safeway. I use Evernote to keep track of my list and this time remembered to print it out before I left home. That is a win right there, people. And I remembered my wallet, unlike five recently trips where I realized all I had to pay for my large cart of groceries was either a) my first born child or b) a ziplock bag of goldfish crackers.

Since I had my act together today, I thought, hey, Wednesday, I am all over you like white on rice. Look at me, getting things done, crossing things off my To Do list, being a good notarizing neighbor.

Things pretty much went downhill from here.

I was That Mom whose kid screams at the store and everyone looks at me like “please, get your kid under control.” That was me. I broke into the animal crackers and kept stuffing them in Kate’s fat little hands and begging her to just give Mommy a few more minutes and Daddy will buy you a pony AND an iPhone. Well, Kate really did not care what wares I had to offer, so I just had to suck it up and brace myself through the checkout.

At home, her tirade continued. She screamed and fussed and wailed while I put the food away. So I sat Little Miss Cranky Pants in her highchair for lunch, and she proceeded to feed 90% of the lunch to Belle. Belle, really, you need to watch those extra calories. Kate probably feeds Belle at least double the amount of calories in her dog food.

Seeing as lunch went really well, I knew naptime would be no problem. SARCASM!

She slept maybe 45 minutes before letting me know she was awake with her blood curdling screams. And this point, Mommy reached her wall. When the ringing sound of screaming toddler won’t let go of my ear drum, I know I am done for.

So I get her up, becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of ability I have to get anything done. At this point I am thinking it is probably easier to work 50, 60, 70 hours a week than be home with Kate. At least at a place of employment, coworkers don’t sit on your lap, pound on your keyboard, throw Cherrios around your workspace, follow you to the bathroom, and scream and hit you in the face as you try to reason with them.

Get Kate from her nap, start work on preparing cookie dough for cookies to bake Thursday and get dinner going. Kate screams. New Laurie Notaro book arrives. Momentary glee. Kate screams. Try to check email. Kate screams. Clean up Kate’s destruction. Kate screams. Ringing sound in the ears gets louder. Kate screams.

And so it goes from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. until we take a walk and the screaming temporarily stops. Get home and finish dinner. Kate screams. Eat dinner. Kate screams. Get excited to leave to attend the Vienna Mom’s Night Out event. Kate screams.

At this point, I start seeing spots. And I realize those spots are auras. As in I am about to get a major migraine. The type of debilitating migraine where words swirl on pages, light spots cut out pieces of my vision, sounds pierce, nausea comes on like a wave. I try to forge ahead even though I know I am playing in the Danger Zone. Try to get my hair done and get myself dressed, but the sharp pain between my eyes tells me I am a goner.

Proceed to fall asleep at 7:30 p.m.

But at least my today went better than some of those advice column people. And Thursday is a new day.

Observations: I like capturing the different points in my day. And I don’t mind rolling with the good and the bad. That is my day, my week. Good and bad. Keeping it real.