Project Life 2013


Project Life 2013 | Week 46

Week 46.  A crazy week.  I completed my BodyPump training, passing my module with a 3/3.  And then I taught five classes in six days.  Ouch, my aching quads.

It was also Dad’s Day at Kate’s preschool, so I included a picture of the poster where the kids offered up their ideas of what their dads do at work.  According to Kate, her dad “gets stuff done.”  I am still laughing over the kid’s responses.

Michael seeks Kate out for entertainment, so I included that picture of them on the floor together.  He is crazy for her.  And luckily she’s crazy for him.  At least for now.

Project Life 2013 | Week 45

It’s week 45.  And somehow I ended up with all these pictures of me.  One picture of Michael.  And zero of Kate.

I was worried the kids would think I was absent during their childhood since previously I appeared approximately three times in my Project Life spreads.  But now I’m seeing myself in these pages more and more.  Now the kids won’t think they raised themselves.


Project Life 2013 | Week 44

It’s week 44.  A big celebration week.  We celebrated Dan’s 30th birthday and Halloween.  Dan’s parent hosted a family dinner for his birthday, and I surprised Dan with a carrot cake from Heidelberg Bakery.  (If you live in the Northern Virginia area and haven’t been to Heidelberg Bakery, go!  It’s the best.)

This was Kate’s first year truly trick-or-treating.  She hustled around the neighborhood with the two boys from across the street, Dan, and my Dad while my Mom hung back with Michael and me to hand out candy.

Project Life 2013 | Week 43

Hello, week 43.

Let’s see…Dan was out of town.  It was a much better week than the last time Dan went out of town.  Kate continues to impress me with her love for Michael.  I hope she continues to be such a loving big sister.

Michael turned 5 months old, and he is such a screamer.  This kid squeals and squeaks all the live long day.  Such a chatterbox.  I have no idea where he gets that from.  Oh, right.  ME.  She who can’t stop talking.


Project Life 2013 | Week 41

It’s week 41.  And it rained that entire week.  We fought cabin fever.  Kate started swim lessons.

The most exciting thing from this week was our first meeting with our builder to go over options for our new house.  This meeting was critical because Dan and I tossed out everything we wanted in this house to ensure everything fit in our budget.  And we started making preliminary plans for where we – and our stuff – will live during this process.