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It’s Herb Watch 2011 here at the Bagley house.

Remember when I told you I planted some herbs? I was pretty darn sure I would sheepishly post here a couple weeks from now to cry about the demise of my herb garden. I thought for sure I would forget to water them or even if I did they would fail to sprout just to spite me. I thought there had to be something else to planting besides pot, soil, herbs, water, and sunlight. I mean, really? Really? That seems a little too good to be true.

I just did not trust these seeds would sprout. When I potted them (which, by the way, just means I dumped potting soil into the pots, sprinkled the seeds in haphazardly, covered with soil, and watered) I just could not believe it would work. Nevertheless, I tended my little garden daily, watering the pots and moving them around for optimal sunshine while making sure dearest Belle did not decide to use the pots as a natural feeding trough. The seed packet claimed it would take 14 – 21 days for the seeds to sprout, so I barely examined them at all each day.

Until just this past Saturday when I went out with my watering can and stood shocked and amazed by the little sprouts coming up out of the soil. No way. No way! It had only been seven days! Could these really truly be my herbs?! I frantically called Dan over to look, and he said, “yeah, the seeds sprouted.” Ummm…yeah? That’s all you got?! LOOK AT THOSE SPROUTS! LOOK! BEHOLD! I GREW SOMETHING!

The only thing I ever succeeded in growing was Kate. And really, other than provide her temporary tenancy, nutrition, and staying away from smoke and drugs and nitrates, she pretty much grew on her own. These herbs, well, I had to remember them and take care of them daily. But, look at that! It paid off.

The basil plant is the one with the most sprouts. Good thing because I have a hankering for that pesto pasta. Grow, herbs, grow!

Hopefully in another couple of weeks I can use my herbs in dishes and homemade breads and post about now I am all into being an herb farmer and I am practically colonial. Well, a colonial woman who consults Google about optimal herb growing conditions. You know, a modern colonial.

  • Dana_eftodie

    I have my first sprouts today and I’m not even sure what was planted on that side of my pot.. haha, I still haven’t figured it out, but I like your webpage 🙂

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