Herbs, continued

June 21st, 2011 Posted by Uncategorized, Wellness 0 thoughts on “Herbs, continued”

Okay, what’s going on here with these herbs?

I posted here and here about my the beginnings of my little herb garden and the exciting moment when the seeds first sprouted. So, now it appears my Basil and Cilantro are doing their thing. I could use the Cilantro now if I would make a meal that features Cilantro, of which I don’t know any offhand. And I bet in a couple of weeks, I can start in on my Basil, and I already plan to make a bunch of pesto.

So, the Oregano, is that how it is supposed to look? I ask because my poor herb garden was infested with some weeds a couple of weeks ago, and I tried my best to pull all those suckers out. It was easy to distinguish the herbs from the weeds in my Basil and Cilantro pots because those both have a certain look. But when it came to the Oregano and Rosemary, I just wasn’t sure.

And, speaking of Rosemary. What is going on in that pot? I think my poor Rosemary is a gonner. This is sad because I had high hopes to make Rosemary focaccia bread. Well, for one, it looks like ants took over the pot and for two, I am not even sure that is Rosemary sprouting. For all I know, it is a weed garden.

Also, I noticed the Oregano seemed to spread to the other pots. Why can’t he stay in his own pot? I am not sure how that happened, but I suppose the wind carried some seeds in or it has to do with some part of plant-life-photosynthesis-thing I never understood in high school Biology class.

I hope this does not set the tone for my luck with gardening. That would be disappointing seeing as I wanted to be a successful herb gardener, so I could graduate to bigger things like tomatoes and the like next year. Dan is not going to trust me to start a bigger garden if I cannot keep the herbs alive.

So, that’s what’s going on with my plants. Can any dispense advice on those Oregano and Rosemary pots? Are they a lost cause? What went wrong? Why did the Cilantro and Basil do okay but the Oregano and Rosemary bit the dust?

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