Week in the Life: Tuesday crazy

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Oh my gosh, Tuesday whirlwind.

Up at 5:30 a.m. for BodyStep class. BodyStep is one of my favorite formats. Plus I love the instructor. So I am usually pretty ready to get going to that class.

Come home good and sweaty a little after 7 a.m. Kate is already crying. This is usually not a good sign for the rest of the day. FORESHADOWING.

Shower quick, so I can run upstairs and get Kate. Select a super cute outfit. Realize Kate needs to wear at least three outfits a day to ensure she wears each outfit before they are too tight.

Toss Kate a frozen waffle while I get the coffee going and pour myself some cereal and blueberries. I’m bummed because I ran out of my Fiber 1, so I improvise with Kate’s off-brand Cherrios. We watch the Today Show, and I read the Style section of the Washington Post.

We finish breakfast, and I quickly work on the blog and check out some other Week in the Life posts. Sadly cut blog surfing short because I must rush to a work meeting (What work meeting? Well, I am working on a super cool project I hope to share in the next month. Stay tuned.)

Hustle to get my hair dried and get dressed. My lovely and patient sister, Megan, arrives to watch Kate while I go to my meeting. Scramble out the door. Kate waves “bye bye” now, and it is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. It makes me get all sappy and forget things like my car keys.

Make it to my meeting. Add item after item to my To Do list. But this is fun stuff, so I can’t wait for Kate to nap after lunch so I can launch into these projects. FORESHADOWING!

Get home to find Kate running around with her shirt off. Ask Megan what’s up with my topless daughter. We are pretty relaxed around here, but we do keep our clothes on. Mostly. Anyway, Megan says she just wanted it off, so off it went. That’s cool with me. If shirtless = no screaming, then let’s all go topless! Kate blows Megan kisses, and I give my “drive slowly” speech.

As soon as Megan departs, Kate turns on the Crank, so I know it is time for lunch and nap. I toss her some raisins while I come up with something for her to eat. Kate goes through these phases where she loves loves loves a certain food. And then – out of nowhere – she decides that food represents everything she despises in her short short life and it better not come near her high chair tray EVER AGAIN. So feeding Kate is a little bit like playing slots. I just keep dumping a couple different things on her plate and whisking them away until I hit on something she will eat. Today she ingests about half the food and tosses the other half to Belle. So that’s about a win as far as things go around here.

I shovel down leftovers and rock her to sleep. While I know better, I tell myself, self, this is an exciting day because Megan wore Kate out, so she will take an awesome nap. Then, I can get all my work done. La de da de da. FORESHADOWING!

I start a typing away after Kate goes down for her nap. Answering emails, working on Vienna Moms stuff, get going on work stuff. Thirty minutes later. SHE’S UP! FORESHADOWING REVEALED! BANGING HEAD ON KEYBOARD! FOR GOODNESS SAKES, CHILD, WHY ARE YOUR NAPS SO SHORT? DON’T YOU NEED REST? I NEED A BREAK FROM YOU!

Continue with adult-sized temper tantrum and make myself a cup of coffee. Get the mail. Notice the new JCrew ad. Contemplate that being a model for JCrew might be easier than being a mom to a baby who hardly ever naps. Think I would like to spend my days wearing pretty clothes and getting my picture taken instead of staying at home with a 14 month old who makes every task feel like trying to perform brain surgery with both hands died behind my back.

Pull myself together and go get The Fusser. The Fusser proceeds to scream for a good 10 minutes even though I am holding her and trying to do her bidding. Decide that 94 degrees is cool compared to last week’s 109, so now is looking like a good time to hit up Meadowlark since The Fusser is not going to cooperate.

Gather up all my photography equipment and the BOB and head to Meadowlark. (Pst…I’m a member. Let me know if you want to go, and I will escort you.) Realize I forgot to slather Kate in sunscreen. Add another tick mark to my mental Bad Mommy list. Decide it will be okay if I keep her in the shade. Unbuckle Kate and let her down while I get set up with my camera. Look up and Kate is running full hilt down the hill. Chase after her. Just about have a heart attack. Kate laughs. Attempt to take pictures. Kate runs away. Chase Kate. Kate runs further. Don’t let those chubby legs fool you; girlfriend can motor. Realize I abandoned my stroller with all my equipment. Try to herd Kate back to our starting point. Realize that herding a while hoard of cats would be easier. Kate escapes. I run back for the stroller and park it in our new location, decided by Kate. Kate runs further away. I chase her. She laughs. People start staring. This is not going to plan. Try one last time for Toddler Cooperation. Get a few decent shots. Call it a day. Kate screams loud enough for all of Northern Virginia to hear as I strong arm her back into her stroller. Find myself drenched in sweat. Think of offering an exercise class called Chase a Toddler.

Back at the ranch, we decided that since we are not hot enough, we should take a walk. Belle barks at various woodland creatures, other dogs, and the wind. Go home and get dinner ready. As I wait for the oven to preheat, I check email. Until I hear a disturbing noise. Like a dog eating a casserole. Dash into the kitchen to find Belle with her paws on the counter eating out of the casserole dish. Proceed to yell expletives. Kate yells “bad bad bad.” Belle indicates that she finds it rude that I disturbed her dinner. Scrape off the parts I think she ate and pop that dish in the oven. Whatever. That’s how we roll around here.

Feast on the pre-licked Giada’s Italian Baked Chicken and Pasta Casserole. Kate gums the noddles and throws the rest on the floor and commences the escalating Fuss-O-Meter. Wonder how much longer Dan and I will have to eat like we are racing in the Indy 500. Dan cleans up, I toss Kate in the bath. Attempt to rock her to sleep. She attempts to headbutt me. Decide we shared enough rocking time today and give up, so I can see what treasures away on my camera’s memory card.

Observations: This is still fun. And I get a chance to look back and laugh at all the things that happened, even if I could not laugh as they were happening. Are you bored of me yet?

  • Seriously, it IS so rude of you to disturb Belle’s dinner!! 🙂 Oh man. I’m even more tired reading this post today than I was after yesterday’s!

    • I know, right? 😉 She tried to get dinner today, but I stopped her. And I am feeling increasingly more exhausted! Kate keeps me on my feet all day!

  • Funnelcloud Rachel

    Laughed so hard at the part about Belle eating the casserole! I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, though!

    • I was so made when found her face in the casserole. But I got over it soon enough. I learned my lesson, that’s for sure!

  • Lovin’ your blog. Too fun. Takes me back to the time where my firstborn daughter was a baby and it was “just us two” during the day.


    • Thanks for stopping by! Sometimes when I get tired and frustrated, I try to think about how sweet it is, this just-the-two-of-us time. I know she won’t remember our time together, but I will 🙂

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