Week in the Life: Thursday task master

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Thursday, you can’t stop me.

Up at 5:30 a.m. for BodyPump class. Second BodyPump class of the week. Feel better today after yesterday’s migraine.

Get home, shower, and decide to apply this Vaseline Cocoa Butter moisturizing body gel per YouTube Beauty Guru Emily Noel. Decide I smell like a delicious cookie, which is awesome. But also decide I kind of feel like I dipped myself in Crisco, which is not so awesome. I feel like I am melting a stick of better between my legs whenever I cross them. But my skin feels super smooth, so I go with it.

Rescue Kate from her crib and get going on breakfast. Frozen waffle and banana for Kate, Grapenuts with bananas and blueberries for mommy. Grapenuts? Yes, Grapenuts. I went through this big Grapenut kick a couple years ago. And, in true Sarah fashion, I completely OD’ed on it. But it has been a good long while since then, so I decided to try them again. And now I want to eat Grapenuts for each and every meal. They are an acquired taste, to be sure.

Hop on my computer to tackle a couple of tasks before my playgroup arrives. I bust out my Wednesday post and retool some copy for work in advance of an afternoon’s conference call. Finish my computer work, quickly blow dry my hair, run around in my hot rollers while cleaning up and getting snack out for the little ones. Dan helps blow up the pool and arrange the deck. (Sidenote: Dan inquired about the lack of mention of his contributions to my week. Let it be known, Dan is my main man, my super helper, capable of reaching high places, fetches me ice cream Friday nights, and mostly performs back rubs on demand.)

By now, it’s 10 a.m. and the playgroupers arrive. Thursdays are my favorite because I love these ladies. This mom job is kinda tough. And these ladies reassure me I am doing a great job, offer suggestions for how to tackle a diaper rash, and regale us with humorous stories of exploding diapers. So the kids splash in the pool and eat Cherrios off the deck while us mommies catch up. By noon the kids turn into pumpkins and everyone departs for lunch and nap. Kate consents to eating some cheese for lunch but won’t drink out of her sippy cup. In fact, all she wants to do is play her favorite game of throw sippy cup on the floor so milk leaks everywhere and cry until the sippy cups is returned to me so I can throw it again. Mommy dislikes this game. Rock Kate and put her down for her nap.

This is the time of day where I consume copious amounts of tea and coffee. I start off with a current favorite – orange spice tea – and soon chase it with Donut Shop brand Keurig cups. Mmmm….coffee. I love coffee so much that I think about it before I go to bed, looking forward to that morning cup, and I cannot wait for my afternoon fix. If everyone gets a vice, coffee is mine. So I happily caffeinate and prepare for my afternoon conference call.

Kate wakes up right as my call finishes, and in total, she sleeps maybe an hour and a half. That is awesome. The best nap this week. Victory dance!

She eats her snack – Teddy Grahams, her new favorite – in my office while I finish up some emails. And then, while I don’t want to, I decide we simply must make a trek to Tysons Corner to return some stuff to Old Navy. I am dreading this return because during my last transaction, I returned something and bought something. But then, since I try to be Earth conscience, I told the girl at the register I would be happy to reuse my bag. And that is how I ended up with my new purchase PLUS the purchase I tried to return. The old purchase snuck back in when I bought the new item.

But, alas, I don’t want anyone thinking I am a thief, plus, I decided I didn’t like the stuff I got anyway. So we trudge to Tysons, head up to Old Navy, and explain the situation. This does not phase the Old Navy personnel at all, and they do not consider me a thief. Phew!

Against my better judgment, I decide to walk around Macys. For some reason, I keep thinking I will find this pair of capris I have in my head but cannot find at any store. Yet I keep looking. And I don’t find what I am looking for. About two minutes into this Macy’s trip, Kate lets it be known she does not like Macy’s. Well, I’ve come prepared for her mood and give her a bag of animal crackers to feast on while I breeze through racks that can’t decide if they want to be summer or fall. Give up.

At home I realize I need to bake the cookies for my Vienna Mom’s Board meeting tonight. Bake cookies while simultaneously make dinner. Super excited because tonight is taco night. Dan informs me he must get on a conference call at 6 p.m. Boo. Eat dinner alone with Kate. She makes terrible dinner company. She chews with her mouth open, I cannot understand a word she said, and then she throws my culinary efforts on the floor. (Geeze, I just realized how much food Kate throws on the floor. See, that is why I feel bad for people without dogs. They have to clean that up. That’s how Belle earns her keep around here, helping me with the floors.)

Clean up while Kate dismantles the family room. Finish the dishes and clean up the family room. Kate takes out everything I put away. Put things away again. Kate follows behind taking things out. And this is why moms loose their minds.

Dan finishes his call, comes up, and puts Kate in the bath. I re-clean. Kate comes and gives me kisses AND smacks on the face. Such a lucky mommy! Dan puts her to bed while I get set up for my meeting.

Transfer photos from today while I set out cookies and Crystal Lite. Finish uploading, select my favorite photos. Board members arrive, we talk shop and preschools and potty training. Smile because I am lucky to know these ladies. Finish up our meeting, check email while brushing my teeth, and hop into bed.

Observations: The more I have to do, the better I am. And the more efficient.

  • Coffee drinking Mommy

    Funny, I think about coffee at night too! Always looking forward to that morning cup or I should say “cups”! I love the Keurig too. I use the re-usable filter and add my own coffee. It works pretty good and saves some money! My favorite K-Cup is donut shop! My little guy likes to throw food on the floor for our dog too! We ended up putting our dog upstairs during meal time! It seems like he throws less on the floor when we do that! 🙂

    • Oh, good, I am glad I am not the only one who dreams of coffee 🙂 I need to try the reusable filter. I have one, but I have never tried it… I wish we could separate the dog and Kate. but our dog would wail the entire meal time, which is not too nice to hear when I am trying to have a relaxing dinner 😉 But at least she cleans up.

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