Week in the Life: Friday, Friday, meltdowns on Friday

July 30th, 2011 Posted by Uncategorized 5 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Friday, Friday, meltdowns on Friday”

Friday, Friday. Ups and downs.

Up at 5:30 a.m. for spin. Love spin. Love my spin shoes. Love my spin instructor, Kim.

After a good sweat, back to the ranch, shower, grab Kate, make breakfast. Think about what I need to get done today. Try to come up with something fun for Kate.

Decide to hit up the local park. Think this will be a great idea. Let Kate loose. Chase Kate. All goes well for about 10 minutes. Then she decides to sit in the dirt. Try to remove her. Freak out. Let it go. Until she starts throwing dirt. Don’t let Kate throw dirt on other kids. Que meltdown. Try to redirect her. Failed. Try again. Kate throws herself on the ground, screams, kicks dirt everywhere, kicks me, proceeds to make a huge scene. Decide to end this 15 minute park trip.

Attempt to wrangle her into her carseat. She does this thing where she arches her back and screams, making it darn near impossible to buckle her in. Tell her mommy will get arrested if she does not strap in her. More screams ensue.

Drive to Safeway to pick up a take and bake pizza for dinner. Non stop wailing from the backseat. Have my own meltdown in the parking lot at Safeway. Shed some tears over the stress of the week. Call my dad to whine. Dad tells me not to press the panic button. Wipe my face and decide to keep trucking with today.

Pick up the pizza and some pudding for a fun project. Come back, feed Kate lunch, put Kate down for a nap. Take some Ibuprofen. Migraines tend to linger, leaving muscle aches and eye pains in their wake. Work on blogging, special projects, call my mom to decompress. Kate wakes up from her nap. Don’t like the look of her butt. Decide she needs a prescription.

Wait on hold with Vienna Pediatrics for at least 30 minutes. Explain situation. Try to get nurse to ask one of Kate’s doctors to send over a prescription without an appointment. Tell her I am pretty sure I know what she needs. Nurse yells at me. Try to interject. Nurse continues interrupting me and generally exuding nastiness. Tell nurse I know she is busy, but I am just a mom trying to trouble shoot today. Not challenging her or telling her how to do her job. Nurse calms down. Makes me an appointment.

Head on over the pediatrician’s office. Seeing the new doctor. She turns out to be super sweet. Sends over a prescription to my CVS. Head home.

Decide Kate and I need some fun today. Set her up with some pudding and her blow up pool and let her go nuts totally naked (air helps the diaper rash.) More details in a forthcoming post. Lots of fun, plus she smells yummy like chocolate pudding.

Leave Kate with Dan while I head over to CVS to pick up Kate’s prescription. CVS tells me they don’t have it. I tell them the doctor sent it over well over an hour ago, so why don’t they check again. All employees ignore me. Try again to get them to get their attention. Explain I know they are busy, but I need help seeing as I cannot fill this prescription myself. They tell me they don’t have it and do nothing to help me acquire it. Ask if this is a problem on the CVS end or the pediatrician’s end. They look at me like I am speaking Martian. Become increasingly more annoyed. I don’t understand how this RX just vanished. How can we trouble shoot this situation? Again, nothing. Call Dan and tell him, that’s it, we are switching to Walgreens. Think I might have some of the RX cream leftover from the last time, give up on CVS, head home.

Dan added extra toppings to our take and bake cheese pizza. Decide to feed Kate and put her to bed before we eat dinner because by Friday we tire of listening to screaming while we eat. Dan bathes Kate and puts her to bed while I tend the pizza. We eat in delicious silence, then watch TV and go to bed.

And, no, I never did get that prescription filled Friday. Decide to tackle it Saturday with renewed energy.

Observations: I beat myself up for not getting enough done. But if this Week in the Life has shown me anything, it’s that I do accomplish a lot. And it’s okay to cry in the Safeway parking lot. Let it out, take a deep breath, put on your big girl pants, and get to it.

  • Becky

    I’ve loved your “week in the life” posts! What a week you’ve had! I vote Walgreens over CVS any day, and good for you for not losing it first on the nurse and then on CVS – you have the patience of a saint!

    • Ha ha, I switched to Walgreens this weekend – and they have already been more helpful!

  • guest

    No one should have to be on hold for 30 minutes with a pediatrician’s office. Check out Advanced Pediatrics.

    • I know, the wait time is outrageous. But I love Kate’s doctor too much to switch…just yet. I suppose we shall see how long I am willing to endure the wait times…Thanks for the recommendation!

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