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Prompt for December 25: Secret. Let go of a secret you’ve been hiding all year. Tell us something nobody knows. Let it go; shout it out in celebration.

I’ve expounded many of my inner secret demons on this blog.

My life might look one way on a computer screen, but I have my bad days, weeks, too.

How I am a champion at being mean to myself.

That I don’t let myself enjoy making time for creative endeavors because I’m not good enough.

How I navigate the challenges of motherhood.

So, really, what do you not know about me?

I racked my brain and here are a couple “secrets” about me:

+I could never get into Harry Potter. Announcing this concerns me greatly because I have many friends who publically stated they could not be friends with anyone who does not like Harry Potter. Seeing as I would like to keep said friends, my lack of interest in the Harry Potter series is not something I typically shout around. Oh, I want to like Harry, I really do. But something about the series does not resonate with me. Sorry, Harry, I’m just not into you.

+I agree with Meredith 100-fold. Peeps are the grossest things on the planet. I’ve never liked marshmellows in any form. Or cotton candy. That stuff’s just nasty.

+Tschotskes are my nemisis. Dan and I agree that we could live in a home with rubber matts for floors and no decor, so we could just hose it out and wipe it down when it needed cleaning. No pictures, displays, items that require dusting.

+I was the worst bride. Wedding planning brought out the worst in me. I could not stand the idea of bridal boutiques and picking out dresses, so I had my mom order them and send them to her house for me to try on. I did not select any of my flowers. I didn’t care what the invitations looked like. My wonderful mother did it all. I showed up.

+I detested gym class through all my years of schooling. It really seemed like a training ground for future serial killers and abusers. In high school I finally wised up and spent a good deal of my time getting out of gym for various reasons.

Phew, glad to have that off my chest.

  • Kat

    1. I am mildly astonished by the fact that you can’t do HP. I think you might be the only person that I know who is unable to read them. Maybe you’ll love them when Kate is older? I will keep that candle burning 😉

    2. The fact that you were such an un-bride reinforces my belief that we were always meant to be friends. And now I wish we had become friends in 2010 because I so wish that I would have thought to employ the idea of ordering dresses to my house to try on! For what it’s worth, I outright refused to go to the hotel to see the table set-ups and told my mother and mother in law to just figure it out and make sure it looked good and that I was fine with a wedding day surprise.

    • I know, I so want to like HP, but something about it doesn’t resonate with me! Maybe I’ll try again in a couple months.

      I wish I’d known you while you were wedding planning! I would have totally commiserated. I detested every part of wedding planning. Something about it annoyed me. Glad it’s over!

  • Wow…as if I needed more reasons to love you! We are one and the same!

    I’ve only read the first Harry Potter. I didn’t think it was bad, but it just seemed like a kid’s book to me. Never got around to reading the rest of them – though I’ve heard they get more sophisticated as Harry gets older. I may read them someday, but there are about 100 other books on my To Read list that are above Harry Potter.

    Peeps are gross (though I do like regular marshmallows). I had never even had a Peep until about 2 years ago when Larry insisted I finally try them. Yuck. Cotton candy is even more gross. The thought of a sticky dust mop in my mouth gives me the willies. EW!

    One of the reasons that Larry and I aren’t married after 8 1/2 years…I have absolutely no desire or the energy or motivation to plan a wedding. WAY too much work and it sounds WAY too stressful. Solutions? Courthouse, elope, or just stay unmarried. Works for us!

    Gym class was the bane of my existence from grades 7-10. Pure torture and humiliation, and yes, the other kids were jerks as were the gym teachers. Ah, the art of getting out of gym class…I deserved an A for that!

    • I totally agree with eloping! Or courthouse! About a quarter into the wedding planning process, Dan and I thought about eloping. And we often wish we had! I wanted to elope and then just have a backyard BBQ party with a moonbounce some time afterward. I am so not into weddings.

      Ha ha, glad I’m not the only one who hated gym. Sometimes I have dreams I’m back in gym class. Oh, the torture!

  • Becky

    Haha, well you may not like Harry Potter but I too hate peeps! SO gross!

    • Ugh, I know! Peeps are the WORST! They have zero redeeming qualities.

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