Reverb 11 | Prompt 27 | Love

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Prompt for December 27: Love. How did you feel loved in 2011? How did you give love?

One of my most memorable moments from my wedding was my Dad’s speech.

He spoke about how, as time passed and our family grew through marriages, births, our love grew. And grew. And grew. With each new addition to our family, our collective love enlarged to embrace that new person.

There’s always room for one more, he said.

I carry those words in my heart everyday, especially this year. Before becoming a mother, I couldn’t fathom just how much love I had in my heart. And my love grew towards my parents, watching them become grandma and grandpa. And my love grew towards Dan as I watch how he cuddles Kate at bed time and reads her just one more book. And my love grew for my in-laws as they became not just Dan’s parents but Kate’s grandparents.

There’s a lot of love here. It grows and changes and moves to embraces each of us when we need it most. And there’s always room in our hearts for one more.

  • Amen to that! We’ve started spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with my brother’s family and in-laws, and it’s wonderful – because they’ve started to feel like part of our family now. You’re spot-on, and I guess by virtue of that your dad is too. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!

    • We are all about the more the merrier around here – it makes everything more fun!

  • Kat

    My heart just grew three sizes. I am so sympatico with Pa Sunny Side Up. This is a perfect expression of what love really is. There is ALWAYS room for one more.

  • Becky

    There’s always room for one more. LOVE this!

  • Aunt Linda

    I agree with Becky about loving the concept of having room for one more. Fits so well with the plan of you and Meredith hosting a #reverb11.

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