Bathroom deluxe, now with 100% less mold

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While we were at it with all the painting and door installation, we might as well paint the hall bathroom, right?

Why of course!

The major issue with this bathroom is the lack of fan. Turns out, fans are super important because they pull the moisture from hot showers out of the air. If you lack a bathroom fan, like us here at Casa Bagley, you get this lovely coating of mold on your ceiling.



So we thought, while the house is a mess with our painting project and new doors project, we might as well paint the bathroom and do something about the ceiling. Before we painted, I spent some time getting up close and personal with the mold. We figured the paint wouldn’t stick unless we chiseled off the flaking parts of the ceiling and the most egregious mold patchs. Mold patches. I am pretty sure I never thought I’d use the phrase mold patches.

Moving on.

After scraping off as much of the flakey ceiling as possible, I slathered that ceiling with Behr’s heavy duty ceiling paint. The transformation is nothing less than breathtaking, if I do say so myself. Begone, mold patches!


For the bathroom, we went with Behr’s Sage Grey (in the same pallet as the accent wall in the family room in Painted Turtle). I am head over heels for this color. It looks bluer on sunnier days greyer on cloudy days but always soft and sophisticated. Since we repainted, we might as well get some new bathroom accessories, right? I picked up these neutral bathmats and the tan and blue striped handtowel from Target.

The other annoying thing about this bathroom – besides the mold patches – was the towel bar. The towel rod used to live behind the bathroom door, meaning you could never open the door all the way because the rod would smack into the wall. This situation made me want to rip that towel rod off the door and javelin throw it out the door. But I decided a better solution might be to move the towel rod. But to where? This bathroom is tiny and doesn’t give us many options for wall hanging towel rods. So I put on my thinking cap and cruised around Amazon. Oh, Amazon, you have everything! Behold, the answer to my problem: a duel shower rod and towel rod. Praise be.

And now you’ve seen it all. After we finished these projects, Dan and I swore off home improvement. That lasted about 48 hours. And now we’re busy plotting out next home improvement masterpiece. Maybe crown moulding? Or installing a fan in the bathroom? Painting our bedroom? Stay tuned!

  • Mold can be such a pain! But your bathroom looks absolutely amazing now! Congrats 🙂 And crown moulding would look beautiful.

    • Thank you! I am so glad we took the time to do this project. Now I don’t have to be embarrased about people using my bathroom 😉 We are leaning towards crown moulding as our next project, so hopefully we can iron out the details and get to it!

  • A fan in the bathroom is relatively cheap. We had one put in ours. VERY helpful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your color. As soon as my kids get tired of the pink/purple/fushia that they picked, I think yours will be perfect.

    • Dan and I are considering installing the fan ourselves. And when I say ourselves, I mean Dan 😉 He appears confident about this endeavor, so I’ll let you know how it’s going!

  • Ssthilaire1984

    Nice work Sarah! Do you ever read younghouselove? It is the BEST home design DIY blog 🙂

    • Yes! I’ve been reading them for years – they’re great!

  • Kat

    I would just kill for some crown moulding, but I’ve accepted that it is going to be a pre-existing part of The Next House.

    What a difference that paint makes! After spending two years with an apricot-colored bathroom, I had to paint it white for no other reason than the fact that color and I just needed to take a break in that room. Once we replace the vanity + light fixtures and rip out the blue tile, we’ll do something about that situation.

    • I love putting money into bathrooms because I like to get myself ready in a nice atmosphere 🙂 During my morning primping session, I like my bathroom to feel clean and luxurious. Whatever house we have after this house must have a roomy master bathroom and space for all my primping materials.

  • That paint looks absolutely fabulous in there. Great color.
    Question about the ceiling: Did you prime with KILZ to prevent mold in the future?

  • PS: Not trying to sound all know-it-ally or snooty, hope you know that. Just have dealt with more than my fair share of bathroom mold. Ick.

    • Oh yes,we consulted with the Home Depot paint people and purchased ceiling paint that will protect against mold. Opening the window while showering helps, too by cutting down the moisture.

      • Oh ok, so the Behr Heavy Duty paint does do mold control. That’s good to know – I’d never looked at it!

        • Yes, and we’ve been very happy with it. We used it in my bathroom downstairs (also fan-less), and it’s held up beautifully, We are super fans of Behr.

        • Dan

          Apparantly the Behr Premium Plus (the paint + primer all in one) has two seperate mildicides(sp?) in it. As Sarah says, that stuff is great.

  • Becky

    Sarah, the transformations are amazing! I can’t believe you and Dan did all this in a matter of days!

  • Meredith @ Daily Angst

    LOVE it. You guys have some seriously talent. I am guessing you are the design brains of the operation and Dan is the brawn? 😉 xx

    • Ha ha, mostly. I take credit for the color. I love it and want to paint that color in other rooms in our house…

  • Can I hire you? I have a long list of improvements we need to make at my house! Everything looks great!

    • He he, sure! I am particulary adept at cutting in 🙂 I told Dan we could be painters on the weekend.

  • Alfalfa

    You may know, or not, that they make special mold resistant paint.

    • Yes! And that’s what we’ve got going on now, thankfully!

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