The Scintilla Project | Day 11 | Here and there

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I am participating in The Scintilla Project. You can read my first post here.

Prompt: What is it that you’re sure you’ll never forget about being this age, or an age of your choice?

I’ve been waiting for my life to begin.

Waiting to get my driver’s license.

Waiting to graduate from high school.

Waiting to go to college.

Waiting to go to graduate school.

Waiting to get married.

Waiting to buy a house.

Waiting to own a dog.

Waiting to have a baby.

Always waiting.

Once X happens, then my life will begin.

All those things happened.

But I’m still waiting.

For what?

Conditions to be perfect? To move homes? Have a second baby? Earn another degree?

If I waited for all those things to happen, I’d be waiting a long time.

Being this age is tough. So much is happening and changing and yet nothing moves forward at the same time.

Life with a young family puts up contraints and barriers, working between nap times and travel schedules to carve out time for me to make plans and move things forward.

Such is this season in my life. And it’s easy for me to feel like I just want to give up.

This stage and age of life, here at 27, can feel like two steps forward, one step back. And I worry I’ll never get there.

Then again, where is there? Maybe I’m already there. And I think I’ve already been there. And moved beyond to a new and different there.

At every stage and age and phase of life, obstacles and roadblocks and barriers stand in the way of me and my am I there yet thoughts. But here, today, I’m thinking I made it here. Here is a good place to be. And the distance between here and there isn’t so far as I thought.

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