Week in the Life 2012 | Monday

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When I checked the weather forecast for the week Sunday evening, I cringed. Rain. 100% chance rain for Monday.

Anyone who has ever spent any length of time with a toddler knows that a day stuck inside results in certain death. Kate requires some sort of outside the house entertainment.

So I brainstormed stuff to do while squatting and bicep curling and lunging in BodyPump this morning. On my way home I decided obviously Kate and I needed a shopping trip.

After our daily dose of The Fresh Beat Band and daily morning walk with Belle, we headed to Tysons Corner in pursuit of a new swimsuit for Kate. I chased Kate through LL Bean and the Apple Store before ending up at Old Navy. Kate started disrobing immediately once she saw the racks and racks of ruffled swimsuits and butterfly t-shirts. Convincing her to keep her clothes on took much negotiation and the promise of a new hat. And a new pair of shoes.

She wanted to wear her new clothes right away, so I explained first mama had to buy it. Since Kate’s now into her “parroting stage” she followed me around the store chanting “mama buy it, mama buy it!”

After Mama bought all the things from Old Navy, we made our way home for lunch while Kate told me repeatedly that it was a gross day. “Mama, it’s gross day. Gross day, Mama. MAMA! It’s GROSS DAY!”

Kate, your language skills are starting to scare me. Also, I heard you the first 17 times.

After lunch, Kate napped while I sat down to enjoy some Blissdom At Home. Since I didn’t get to see the photography session with Me Ra Koh when I was at Blissdom, I couldn’t wait to see what she had to say. I found her talk inspiring; I couldn’t believe she didn’t pick up a camera until she was 30, and now, look where she is. Photography superstar. Me Ra’s talk made me feel like there’s still time for me to develop and hone my passions.

Later in the afternoon we hung out with one of my best mommy friends and her two sweet girls, took Belle out for her second walk, and I cleaned up the kitchen while Kate dipped pizza bagels into her applesauce.

Dan’s got a heavy work schedule this week, so I’m single-parenting it. So I did bath and story time and night night. And of course presented her with her “guys.”

I like to wait until after Kate’s in bed before I make my dinner so that I can actual taste the food. Earlier that morning I made a crockpot full of my favorite chicken taco soup, and it finished cooking just as I closed the door to Kate’s room. So I settled down on the couch with my soup, handful of Tostitos Chipotle flavored chips, and started making my way through my DVR.

After dinner I unloaded the day’s photos off my iPhone and camera. Inspired by the Me Ra talk earlier, I tried experimenting with differenting settings on my camera. And they were blurry. Or overexposed. Or underexposed. Or yellow.


I wanted to get discouraged, throw my camera back in auto for the week, and forget about it. But then I figured I shouldn’t let a handful of blurry photos ruin my week. I’d just try again Tuesday. And again Wednesday. And every day after that.

Not all my photos will turn out. And some of my days might be boring. But there’s always tomorrow.

  • Yay! I loved reading your Week in the Life posts last year. I know you hear it all the time, but Kate’s hair is fabulous – those morning curls are totally awesome! Speaking of hair – I know you mentioned you’d gotten bangs a few weeks ago, but I think this is the first pic I’ve seen – I almost didn’t recognize you! Love the new hair! 🙂

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