Week in the Life 2012 | Tuesday

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Tuesdays are one of my favorite days.

This morning I got up at my usual 5:30 a.m. hour to exercise. I ran through my BodyStep DVD in preparation for team teaching Saturday morning. I watch that DVD so many times to prepare for classes that the instructors on the video feel like my new best friends.

By the time I hit the cooldown track, I can hear Kate yelling for me. Since I’m up and she’s up and the dog’s up, we head out the door for our morning walk.

The Fresh Beat Band sings and dances in the background as I get ready for the day. I’m so glad to see the sun this morning. After two full days of rain, my soul can’t take one more dull day.

This morning we head over to MoBu kids for Kate’s music and movement class. Kate is crazy for this class. My friend, Corrine, and her sweet son, Josh, introduced us to MoBu at the end of last summer, and we’ve been taking the Tuesday morning class together ever since. Kate is head over heels for Josh and Miss Monica, and she has the best time singing and dancing. I think the class is designed so that the kids sit with their moms and sing and dance together. But Kate prefers to sing and dance solo, in the center of the circle, and pretend I’m not there.

Miss Independent, that one.

After class, we head over to Pizzeria Orso for some margarita pizzas. Dining with the kids is always an adventure. The ratio of pizza into toddler mouths versus pizza all over the place is about 50:50.

After class Kate usually takes a nap for the record books. But not this time. I waited a few minutes and crossed my fingers, hoping she’d go back to sleep. But when the whines escalated to full on screams, I knew my alone time was now over. Since the sun was shining, I decided to take advantage of the situation and take Kate outside to play in the backyard.

Poor, Belle. She couldn’t stand being left out. So Kate and I took her for her afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

Kate always travels with snacks.

After our walk, I realized I still haven’t found a hard copy of my Washington Parent article, so Kate and I set off to find my name in print.

After our afternoon adventures, I tried to take the trash out and clean up the kitchen while Kate and Belle got under my legs and vied for my attention. I gave up around 6:45 p.m., tossed Kate in the tub, and tricked her into reading books I like.

When Dan travels and works long days and I’m on my own, my favorite part of the day is after I put Kate to bed and I lay down on the couch and close my eyes and just breathe. Toddlers require emotional and physical endurance to get through the day, so when I have a few moments to sit quietly, I soak in it so I can recharge because tomorrow’s a new day.

  • I love how you shared your day here!! Kate’s sweet and sassy personality shines in your images. Personally, my favorite image is her chillin’ with her snack in the stroller. She is adorable. And you are a great Mom. {{hugs}}

  • Sarah

    Beautiful photos! I love the week in the life series. 🙂

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