Week in the Life 2012 | Wednesday

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Another sunny day. My favorite kinds of days. We got Bellle out for her morning walk, which required extra vigilance because Wednesday is trash day and Belle loves to find rotten apple cores and used paper towels to chomp on.

This morning I had my orientation for Gold’s Gym. Back in January I decided to pursue becoming a group fitness instructor, took a BodyStep training, and now I’m working towards my certification. I’ve had to do a bunch of stuff to work towards my certification and to get hired as an instructor for Gold’s, which is a post for another day, but one part of the procress required this orientation. It’s rare I get to interact with people – in person – outside of the park where I don my usual yoga pants/sweatshirt look, so I thought I’d actually get dressed today.

(Also, thanks for all the bangs love, I love them, too.)

After my orientation, I relieved my mother in law and got Kate ready for nap. I don’t know what’s been up with her recently, but girlfriend keeps saying “Kate tired” but she hasn’t been napping well. On this particular day, it took every single ounce of patience I had to get her down. She fought me at every turn – wouldn’t let me change her diaper, put her in snuggly pjs, read a book. Finally, I just shut the blinds, hugged her snuggled tight to my chest and sang every song from the The Sound of Music I could remember the lyrics to.

She fought and cried and tried to twist away, but I kept rubbing her back and singing way through raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens until she finally relaxed. For everyone wondering what a SAHM does all day, it’s this type of toddler taming. All the live long day. This is exactly why motherhood requires so much mental and physical effort.

Since I didn’t know how long my efforts would last, I got down to work right quick.

I watched her mess around in her crib on the iPad while I answered email, prepped blog posts, and worked on yet another blog redesign. Yes, another redesign. Change is good.

Sadly, Kate only lasted about an hour, so thus began the longest afternoon of my life.

First Kate got into her closet and tried to put on everything she owned, one outfit on top of the other, after I’d already organized her closet just the other day.

And then Kate and Belle decided to harrass each other, an activity they both hate and enjoy at the same time. These pictures are blurry but perfectly illustrate my afternoon.

Crying AND barking, the soundtrack of my life.

Oh, wait, now they decided to be all sweet looking and stare out the window together.

Then several delivery trucks and a mini van came by, alerting Belle with Homeland Security and resulting in the demise of my wooden mini blinds.

I called it quits and allowed Kate to eat applesauce for dinner.

Note her begruding expression.

I work hard to keep it sunny side up around these parts, but don’t think for a second I don’t have a bad day. Or two. Or three. Afternoons like Wednesday are par for the course at Casa Bagley. And I’m no Maria von Trapp, singing and dancing my way through every tantrum. I get irritable and annoyed and count down the seconds until bedtime.

After I put Kate down in her crib Wednesday night, I gave her a hug and a kiss and said let’s try a do-over tomorrow.

  • Oh my goodness, Sarah – sounds like we should’ve had some wine together last night! Sorry about the terrible day, but I love this post – you captured the day perfectly. I love the shot of Kate trying to climb out of her crib on the iPad, your flowerpot-sized cup of coffee, and the pics of Kate and Belle carrying on. And congrats on your orientation – so exciting! Hope today provides some peace (and naps)! xoxo

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