Jade statement necklace

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Ever since I discovered Andrea’s blog, I’m obsessed with making necklaces.  A couple weeks ago, I made this red and orange seed bead necklace, and I’ve been stringing necklaces like a fool since then.

I love making necklaces because all they take is a little time.  I don’t need to carefully make stitches or count anything or handwrite something only to realized I mispelled a bunch of words.  In Sharpie.

Stringing beads can be on the tedious side.  But it goes pretty quick and the result is that sort of instant gratification that I love so much.

Anyway, after seeing this awesome necklace Andrea made (see the tutorial here and her necklace in action here), I hopped on over to my Michaels clutching my 40% off coupon in search of those jade beads.

I found those beads (or what I believe to be those same beads…they look close enough), and I picked up two sizes of the jade beads and one packet of gold sead beads.  Since I couldn’t find the smallest size jade beads (like Andrea had), I made some changes to my necklace.

Since I prefer things in odd numbers, I went with three strands.  One strand is made up of all the large beads, one strand is a mix of the large jade beads, the medium jade beads, and the gold sead beads, and one strand is a mix of the medium jade beads and the gold sead beads.

I am crazy about this necklace.  It turned out lovely, and I love to wear it as often as possible.  My favorite combination of the moment is the necklace paired with gray.  But I also wore it to a wedding last weekend with a simple black dress.  It’s totally a dress up or dress down necklace.  Love that.

What color should I go for next?  Turquoise?  Gold?

  • It looks wonderful! thank you so much for showing it off 🙂

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