Garden update

June 19th, 2012 Posted by Uncategorized, Wellness 0 thoughts on “Garden update”

So far, still alive.  And this basil smells amazing.That oregano grows like crazy.  I need a use for him.  Any suggestions?

I’m always shocked when I go outside and see how my once baby plants are sprouting and growing.  Since I deleted all information from my mind related to photosynthesis from AP Biology, it’s like plant magic out here.As I was watering these guys the other day, I noticed my tomato plants sprouted baby tomatoes.So cute, no?

My chives are popping up, too.  I was worried about those guys because I started them from seed.  But they sprouted up just fine.  They will extra delicious chopping into chive butter or maybe a chive cream cheese spread.I’m excited to add my orange mint to some black tea.And this cilantro will be perfect in a black bean and corn salad.Do you have a garden?  What’s sprouting?  What are you making with the fruits of your labor?

  • Your garden is beautiful, Sarah! I should take some photos of my deck plants. I don’t have a real garden so container planting is all I was able to pull off this year. I like to use oregano to create savory vegetable dishes, like potatoes and carrots. It’s also yummy on roasted chicken, and in tuna salad 🙂

    • Thanks! Please do take pictures of your deck plants – I want to see! And thanks for the suggestions for my oregano!

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