Sedona trip | a mini book

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Large scrapbooks freak me out.  There are 12 x 12.  That’s large.  A lot of space to fill.

Enter: the mini book.

So, so much smaller.  More manageable, no?

I like to make vacation mini books because 1) they have a purpose and 2) they hold all the odds and ends I like to keep from my trips.

After our Sedona trip, I printed about 50 pictures from Winkflash.  I ordered all 4 x 6 prints in a matte finish.  I mostly ordered horizontal shots, with a few vertical shots that I loved enough to want to include.

When I went to put my book together, of course I started punching holes on the wrong side of the image.  I punched holes on the top of the picture instead of on the left side.  At first I thought about tossing them out and reordering them (the entire shipment including shipping cost about $6), but I wanted to complete my book quickly, and I didn’t want to be wasteful.

So I enlisted Dan’s help in triaging the situation.  We decided I should find someway to cover up the holes.  I remembered my Erin Condren Life Planner has these sheets of small stickers in various colors.  So I chose one color sticker for each day, and I taped up the holes with those stickers.

Is it a solution everyone would be okay with?  Probably not.  But I am fine with it.  If I went for perfection in all my projects, I’d never finish anything.

I love this book because I wanted to hold onto the business card from the hotel restaurant to remember those yummy omlets and hamburgers, I wanted to keep the Red Rock Pass to remember how I climbed to the top of a very, very, steep summit, and I wanted all those maps to remember the places we went and the things we did.

Here’s the bulk of the album (warning, many pictures ahoy):


That’s a lot of pages.

If you are heading out on a summer vacation, (or if you are wondering what to do with your vacation pictures and paraphernalia) think about storing those memories in a mini book, so you can look back during the cold winter months and be jealous of your past self’s tan.

  • Why didn’t you insert the yellow hang tag horizontally so it didn’t stick out of the book? How do you keep the book from dust and wear/tear without a cover?

    Have you ever considered doing a digital book? Since all your photos are already digital, it’s so much easier and gives you a much cleaner finished product. You can scan any business cards or other paraphernalia, or attach them inside the cover.

    • I love stuff sticking out of my mini books. I think it looks a little messy, which I like. I don’t like my books to look too perfect. I don’t worry about the books tearing. The cardstock is pretty heavy duty, and with the photos pasted back to back, they are pretty sturdy.

      I haven’t gone digital because I actually like the more messy look 🙂 If I tried to make it too perfect, I would be too paralyzed to make anything. And I like to touch the paraphenalia. Maybe sometime I’ll try some type of digital book!

  • What a good idea! I always save things from trips and other special occasions but they usually end up sitting in a box. The thought of “formally” scrapbooking something is so daunting sometimes (I am still in the process of scrapbooking wedding paraphernalia but I’ve been on a several-weeks-long break now).

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