Project Life 2012 | Week 37

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It was a big week at Casa Bagley.

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Since I knew it would be a busy week, I decided to kick things off with a visit to Frying Pan Farm park to ease into this full week.  We love Frying Pan Farm Park.  Kate and I can spend hours there, talking about all the animals.

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This one goat was totally full of himself.  He kept sticking his head between the fence and grabbing onto unsuspecting preschoolers.  This one little girl was wearing a Christmas dress with lots of taffeta, and that goat launched himself halfway through the bench and snatched the bottom of that girl’s dress.

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I had to pry that taffeta skirt out of that goat’s mouth before her dress became that goat’s lunch.

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Before we knew it, it was Thursday – first day of preschool day.  We talked up preschool all week, and since the teachers came to visit our house the week before, so Kate knew who she was looking for when that first day came.

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I’m happy to report, no tears were shed.

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By me or Kate.

But the only information we got out of her about preschool was the daily snack.

That’s our girl!


  • Marie

    What a wonderful week, Sarah! I would love to come to Frying Pan Park with you and Kate sometime; it sounds really fun. I will have to remember to watch out for the goats; they are such sassy creatures. 😉

    I officially started Project Life this weekend! I am excited to document this time in my life. Thanks for your great examples and encouragement! 🙂

    • Marie

      Question about the small photos for PL: Are you printing them small, or cropping 4×6 photos?

      • Awesome! I’m so glad you started a Project Life! I want to see it! Okay, for the small photos, I choose the “wallet size” print option, so they turn our a little smaller than 3 x 4. I suggest printing the photos to fit the pockets as best you can. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • The house visit by the teacher is a great idea. Perhaps my wife, Betty, a pre-school teacher of 20+ years will take it up. But shoe does do the four day fours and the five day fives.

    • It was so nice to have the teachers stop by our house, both for Kate and for Dan and me. Since the teachers get bogged down with parents and kids at school, having that one-on-one time was great. We got to ask our questions and let them get to know us and Kate. Oh my, four and five year olds! She must be pretty exhausted when she gets home! I can only imagine!

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