Project Life 2012 | Week 38

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Kate and I were bachelorettes this week.  Six days.  Five nights.

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Besides one midweek break down due to a certain bluetick coonhound’s endless barking at falling leaves and miniature dogs and a certain toddler’s insistance on trying on 18 different outfits and 4 pairs of shoes, crying for 15 sippy cups of various liquids, refuel to eat anything even after requesting upteen snacks and meals, and throwing herself on the ground when I suggested anything from reading books to couch cuddling.

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So.  There was that.

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But we persevered and made it to Kate’s first gymnastics class, which she loved.  This comes as no surprise considering her favorite thing is jumping from the couch to the trampoline to the floor where she performs a forward roll.

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When I wasn’t spotting Kate’s gynmastic feats, I thought about how I want to incorporate some different elements into my Project Life pages.  Since I’m loving how Elise incorporates stamps into her Project Life pages, I picked up four of her stamps from her stamp shop.  How many times can I say stamps?  Stamps, stamps, stamps!  Anyway, I love these.  They are perfect for Project Life, and really, any paper project.

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To go along with the stamps, I picked up some of those Sharpie pens in various fun colors.  I love Sharpie markers, but I can’t use them on everything because those things just bleed through just about everything.  But these pens?  They are the best.  No bleeding, write smoothly.  And like my friend, Sarah, says, once you go Sharpie, you don’t go back.  Preach.

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This must have also been the week of New Obsessions because I also picked up some cute stuff at Old Navy (crazy about chambray, hearts, and polka dots), and I snagged Ben and Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt in every flavor available at my Harris Teeter.  So yum.  If you are a frozen-yogurt loving fool like your’s truly, then go pick this up.  It is the best I’ve ever tasted.

And that’s all she wrote for our week.  Fortunately for everyone at Casa Bagley, Dan’s home this week.  What’s new in your week?  Any new obsessions?


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