Project Life 2012 | Week 40

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Isn’t it funny how just when you get the hang of things, you’re almost done?

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That’s how I feel about Project Life.  I kind of meandered my way through this project in the beginning, not really sure how I wanted each week to look.  If I wanted to make sure I captured a certain thing each week (like what we ate or a run down of things that happened that week) or if I just wanted to capture one or two stories.  Or if I wanted more or less photos.  Or more or less journaling.

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Now, at 40 weeks, I have a better idea of how I want the pages to look.  And I also know what I wished I had done.

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I also can’t believe I maintained this project for almost an entire year.  I thought for sure at some point I’d drop the ball.  Or sporadically post random layouts from random weeks.  But sitting down to put these weekly layouts together has become part of my routine.  And it’s a routine I enjoy.

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I’m bummed when I have weeks where I didn’t take many pictures (or many good pictures).  But that’s life, no?

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Yet putting these weekly pages together makes me think about my weeks in new ways.  I like flipping back through my phone and downloading the pictures off my camera and remembering, “oh yeah, that happened.”  It’s so easy to forget what goes on in our lives.

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Are you going to take on a Project Life next year?  I’m definitely in.  And I think I’m going with Elise’s seafoam kit.

  • Julie Coryell

    I definitely will be continuing Project Life next year! Elise’s kit looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    • Awesome! I can’t wait to take on this project again next year and change up my technique.

  • I’m really considering Project Life for next year. But I’m worried it will stress me out (I have a tendency to put tons of pressure on myself, like someone else I know …). BUT I think it would be a fun way to keep a different kind of record of our travels — an actual physical book, like a scrapbook, instead of a blog/digital photos online. Hm …

    • I like Project Life because it’s totally low stress. It’s like paint by number but for scrapbooking! I like it because the pockets dictate what size paper/pictures go in, eliminating some of the guess work. It would be an awesome way to document your travels – I say go for it!

  • hi there. I’ll be doing a very simple version – on a monthly basis. I did a weekly photo challenge a few years ago and it kind of kills me to have to have something instead of letting the flow happen 🙂

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