Reverb12 | Prompt 27 | Hidden talent

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Prompt for December 27:  Hidden talent.  Do you have a hidden talent?  Dazzle us.

When I first learned how to drive, I couldn’t figure out how to turn the wheel when I was backing up.  I’d always get my wheels going in the wrong direction and have to pull back into the driveway and try to pull the car out again and again.

Tiring of my in and out and in and out, my dad said enough was enough and took me to a large, empty parking lot.  He had me put our giant, gray Dodge Grand Caravan in reverse and make large, backwards circles in a loop around and around and around the parking lot until I thought I was going to throw up.

That day I learned which way to turn the wheel.

And, to this day, I am an excellent backer inner.  I back my Ford Escape SUV into parking spots like it’s no thing.  I can do it on the first try.  I never pull straight in.  Always the back up.  I get the angles correct on my first try and swiftly back myself into the tightest spots.  I’m so good, when I’m in a friend’s car and she needs to back in, we change seats and I back in her car.

Thanks, Dad, for making me perform all those loops until I mastered the art of The Back In.  I never fear the parking lot because I know I can get myself into any spot.  And when it’s time for Kate to learn to drive, I know just the place to go.

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  • OMG you would fit right in here in San Salvador (minus the whole being a gringa thing, that would make you stick out) — everyone loves to back into parking spaces. It’s just what you do. I think because parking spaces are so small and often times immediately off of a main, highly-trafficked road (parking “lots” aren’t really as common here). I am terrible at it. I’ve started practicing just in our parking garage at home, but there’s usually no one next to me so it’s cheating.

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