Reverb12 | Prompt 28 | All grown up

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Prompt for December 28:  All grown up.  What did you want to be when you grew up?  Are you that thing?  If not, are you working to become it, or have you chosen a completely different path?

I graduated from U.Va. in three years because I wanted to move on to a Masters degree.  Finished that in under two years and moved my way up the ranks and departments at the local government where I worked for years in between college breaks and while I earned my Masters.

I thought I’d work for local government forever.  Because that’s what people with Government BAs and Public Policy MAs do.  Plugging in my 40 hours a week, working my way through the red tape and bureaucracy, making spreadsheets that slowly (or not so slowly) sucked the life out of me.

When I found out I was pregnant with Kate, I figured I’d go back to work.  But when the options for day care ranged from using up my entire salary to scary to inconvient to a combination of all three, we decided it would be for the best for me to leave my job.

Since I realized that I wasn’t made for cubicle work, I didn’t experience heartache about leaving my job.  But I never saw myself as a stay-at-home mom.  And, really, even now, two-and-a-half years later, it’s not something I really see for myself.  I do it.  But I don’t feel it entirely matches my person.

While Kate’s needs and taking care of a home require more time and energy than all the other jobs I’ve ever had, cleaning the house and making hundreds of toddler snacks a day isn’t the most fullfilling.

Since I can’t just live to put away my family’s wash or play another brain numbing game of eat-pretend-food or block stacking, I started looking for an outlet.  And that’s how I started teaching group fitness.

That girl who took high level political theory classes and inputted and analyzed data into statistics programs now encourages people to shake it! in step classes.


So life turned out different than I thought.  But isn’t that the way?  In some ways, portions of this life don’t suit me.  But in other ways, cobbling blogging and freelance work and group fitness classes together into a job of sorts that allows me to be involved at Kate’s preschool and take care of the house and spend mornings at the park watching Kate have fun is the closet to the best of all worlds at this moment.

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