Week in the Life 2013 | Monday

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This is a good week for week in the life because Kate started her second year of preschool Monday, and we’re back to our school-year routine that I’ve been craving for the past couple of weeks.  And Dan surprised me a 35 mm lens for my birthday, so I can test out this new lens shooting pictures for this week.

Monday started off with some high intensity interval training, my new favorite workout.  And by workout I mean incredibly challenging 30 minutes of torturous bar work, push ups, plyo moves, etc…  But even though I know it’s going to be a painful 30 minutes, I find this type of workout completely addicting.  It’s intense and then it’s over.  And I’m working out with a group of girls I love, so we push each other to do our best.

After our training session I scramble home to get myself and Kate ready for her first day at preschool.  I make cinnamon sugar toast for her and scramble some eggs (with a side of sweet potato pancakes) for me.  And of course, coffee.

We took the required first day of school picture, and then I hustled Kate to school for drop off.  Since this is her second year (and she’s been asking me if it’s a school day since the last day of school in May), I didn’t stick around.  Instead I ran home to take Belle for a walk with Dan and Michael before hustling back to school to pick Kate up (the kids only go 90 minutes the first week).

After school the kids and I headed over to the new 24 Hour Fitness in Tyson’s Corner where I will be teaching a RPM class (RPM is Les Mills for indoor cycling).  The gym just opened, so I wanted to get the lay of the land before my 6 a.m. Friday class.  Holy cow.  This place is fancy pants.  I can’t wait to teach there.

The troops and I headed back home to have lunch with Dan, sort and fold wash, and then drop Dan off at the Metro for a quick work trip.  We spent the afternoon making some almond bread, watching Hercules (while I attempted to read Orange is the New Black with only 57 interruptions), and taking pictures with the 35 mm.  Around 5:30 p.m. I loaded everyone up into the Double BOB and we took Belle for her evening walk.

The next hour contains no pictures because it’s what’s known as Fussy Hour here at Casa Bagley.  Michael screamed, Kate screamed.  I attempted to clean up the debris from the day, making Kate’s dinner, supervise the dinner eating (lest Belle help herself), toss Kate in the bath, continue cleaning up while Michael wailed from his rock n’ play, get Kate dried off and into pajamas while Michael is still crying, and gather everyone into Kate’s bed for stories.  I get her off to bed, make Michael’s bottle, plop myself on the couch and cruise through Netflix while Michael happily eats.  I place a sleeping Michael in his bed at 8:15 p.m. and realize I haven’t eaten since lunch and I’m starving.  Make a random dinner of almond butter pancakes, which I inhale and barely chew, watch the first episode of Hart of Dixie, and crawl into bed to read more Orange is the New Black before falling asleep at 9:30 p.m.

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