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Alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m.  I stumble down the stairs to practice RPM again.  I’m nervous about making sure I get the choreography 100% correct.  I do great, making minor corrections for mistakes I made Tuesday morning.  Remind myself I’m not launching rockets.  We’re sitting on stationary bikes pedaling to nowhere.  If I make a tiny mistake, no one is going to crash their bike and burst into flames.

Jump into the shower, realizing I’m out of my beloved Trader Joes lavender body scrub.  Sad face.  Jump out of the shower and dash upstairs to make breakfast, attend to the dog, attend to Kate.  Read through Facebook and Twitter, pin cool stuff on Pinterest while drinking coffee and eating almond bread.  Dan got home late last night, so I know I have a few more moments to myself since he can help get Kate ready for school.  Blow dry my hair while Kate sits on the toilet and uses my makeup brushes to apply eyeshadow all over her face.  I tell her she looks beautiful.

I toss on something I can wear to preschool drop off (meaning not my pajamas but close to it).  Realize that if Michael doesn’t get up, my chest is going to burst.  With 10 minutes before I have to take Kate to school, I decide to pump so Dan can give him a bottle when he wakes up.  That stinker wakes up right as I’m done pumping, so Dan tends to him while I leave the milk on the counter.  Kate finishes drawing a picture of a sun and a spider on the anniversary card I bought for my parents (because nothing says Happy Anniversary like a spider and a sun!  I think there’s a parable in there somewhere) and hurry Kate off to school.

On the way to school, Kate tells me she’s so excited to see her friends, particularly her friend, Allie.  This is sweet because Kate has actually known Allie since she was a four-week-old infant.  Allie’s mom and I met at a breastfeeding support group when the girls were newborns.  We’ve been in and out of touch, but now the girls are in the same class at the preschool, and I look forward to getting together for playdates.

I drop Kate off at school, chit chat with mom friends, hop back in the car where Dan and Michael are ready to take Belle for a walk.  It’s hot, sticky, and humid.  Dan and I talk about weekend plans; I’ve got a lot of fun social things on the agenda.

Back at home I clean up the kitchen, make the beds, toss Michael back into his carseat and off we go to pick up Kate.

When I get to school, her teacher asks me if I could wait a few more minutes until Kate finishes her job for the day, which is sweeping.  I’m all about this.  Sweeping?  Sure thing.  Please, take your time.  Maybe she’ll want to sweep at home!  She can be my employee of the day!

Kate finishes her job and asks if we can go “mommy’s new gym” so she can play at the kids club.  This works out because I have more paperwork to complete.  So off we go to the gym.  Kate happily plays in the deluxe kid’s club while I spend 90 minutes completing my employee stuff.  Michael things this gym is super entertaining and spends a good portion sitting on my lap gazing at the trainers and front desk staff while I complete my online trainings.

I’m finally done, so I load the kids up and head back home.  While I’m stuck in traffic I riffle through Kate’s preschool bag and see the note with the warning that a case of strep throat has been reported in Kate’s classroom.  At least it’s not lice!

We pull into the driveway and I lug in the baby, my bag, Kate’s bag, Kate’s shoes (which she loves to take off in the car), and let Kate be the “line leader” which means that the walk from the car to the house takes approximately 564,164 minutes.  Dan’s waiting at the door to help me in and asks if I’m ready for lunch.

One of the best parts about having Dan work at home is lunch time.  More often than not, we can have lunch together.  This is great for me because Dan makes the best sandwiches.  He makes lunch while I attend to our needy children.  We read the paper, chat, he goes back down to work, and I decide on the action plan for the rest of the day.

I start flipping through my email and end up becoming the room parent for Kate’s preschool class.  It’s times like theses that I still can’t wrap my head around the fact I’m 29 with two kids.  I’m a room parent?  Am I old enough for that job?  Didn’t I just graduate from college?  Anyway, I’m crazy about Kate’s teachers and the parents are awesome so I know this will be a fun job.

I continue doing some email work, catch up on Facebook, Twitter, blogs while Kate makes a crazy mess of her toys.  So, this kid picks up toys and sweeps the floor at school, but apparently her “arms are tired” and she doesn’t know how to clean up at home.  This is a mystery to me.  But I insist she try to pick up her toys.  This is met with a mix of whining, tantrums, and throwing oneself on the ground, but she manages to complete the task.  I do household drudgery, mess around on the iPad, nurse Michael, let Kate fool around with the camera on my iPhone.

Dan comes up around 5:30 p.m. and we head out for our evening walk.  We see our neighbor and chat with her about her insurance claim for the tree branch that fell against her house last week that Dan and I know was caused by the power company’s tree trimmers.  We chat with her about the brouhaha that comes with fighting the power company, working with the insurance, etc…  High drama on our street!

We get home and Dan makes dinner and helps with Kate so I can tend to Michael so no one has to scream as much tonight.  Dan grills burgers for us and a hot dog for Kate.  On this night, Michael is happy to watch us and doesn’t require holding.  This means I can eat with TWO HANDS.  This is a major victory for  me.  After dinner Dan puts Kate in the tub and sneaks in some Michael cuddles.  I remember to snap a picture of them so when whoever looks back on these pictures and posts doesn’t think I’m a single mom.  Dan gets Kate to bed while I bounce Michael on my lap and edit pictures.  When Kate’s in bed we watch and Arrested Development and feed Michael his last bottle.  Then Dan heads out for a hockey game, and I settle into bed to read more Orange is the New Black before hitting the lights at 9:15 p.m.



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