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Alarm goes off at 5:15 a.m. today, so I can pump before the gym.  Michael seems to be dropping his 3 a.m. feeding and getting up anywhere between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.  But that’s when I work out, so I pump milk for Dan and leave him a note that the milk is in the fridge.  Head over to the gym for BodyPump.  Chit chat with my workout buddies, we talk about how our kids are doing, our weekend plans, etc…  Load up and my bar and get to it.  I’m pleased that I’m able to lift more, mostly likely as a consequence of our small group HIIT.

Come back home to discover Michael in his swing and Dan setting Kate up with TV and breakfast (Cheez Its, of course, the breakfast of champions!).  Michael woke up at 6:30 a.m. and took a bottle from Dan.  I head into the shower, and race back upstairs to take over morning duties.  Make Kate approximately 792 other breakfasts.  Read blogs, flip through Twitter and Facebook.  Pin some good recipes from Pinterest.  Email and answer email.  Dan gets up, I make the bed (I have a thing about making beds.  I do it every single day.  Can’t stand getting into an unmade bed.).  Clean up the kitchen.  We decide to go for a walk even though its a billion degrees and 100% humidity.

Kate and Michael take turns crying during the entire walk.  Dan and I chat about the weekend.

Come home and plan my trip to Costco.  I love, love, LOVE Costco.  I’m psyched because I haven’t been to Costco in at least three weeks.  Maybe even four.  Who knows what awesome could await me?!

Of course, it takes about an hour to actually leave the house.  I have to get myself at least halfway presentable.  I roll my hair in my beloved hot rollers and slap on some Ponds BB Cream.  I think about doing a video on this BB cream because I’m really into it.  Decide to put on some eye make up because I’m working on perfecting my eye liner technique.  I’ve tried lots and lots of products, but recently I’ve been using a liner brush and black eyeshadow to line my eyes.  Some days I have better luck that others.  Today is not a lucky day.  One eye looks good.  The other…not so much.  But small people are crying, so I go with it.

I pack my diaper bag with snacks and a drink for Kate and off we go.

Oh, Costco.  I love you so much.  The only thing that would improve my experience would be eliminating all the other shoppers.  But alas, every time I go to Costco, everyone else in Northern Virginia decided to shop that day, too.

But we forge ahead.  I strapped Michael to me in the Ergo and let Kate walk next to me.  Before we’ve made it 10 feet inside, I spy kid’s boots.  Yes, it’s currently 98 degrees outside.  But soon it will be cold.  And then it will be too late.  There will be nothing left in stores.  I’ve learned this the hard way when I tried to buy Kate gloves last year in November and every last glove was gone.

So I lift Kate into the cart and have her try on various sizes.  We settle on a size and color and forge ahead.  To the clothing section!  I love the clothes at Costco.  I outfit my entire family in Costco goods.  Ain’t no shame in my game.  Sadly one particular clothing item I desired (a plum colored tunic) is not in my size.  Feel bummed but decide I can ask my mother in law to look for it for me at the other Costco.

Move onto the kids section.  Select a larger pair of pajamas and underwear for Kate.  Stroll past the men’s shoes and…what’s this?  The black Kenneth Cole ballet flats I’ve had my eye on were on instant rebate!  Why, yes, I’d like a pair of marked down black flats.  Wrestle my foot out of my sandal and comb through the millions of boxes to find my size.  Success!  Into the cart they go.

I turn back to the kid’s area, and I spot winter coats.  Jack pot.  I pick through and find a size 5/6 in pink.  I pull Kate out of the cart to try it on.  Fits great.  Pop her and the coat back into the cart when I feel a woman put her hand on my arm and say “Sarah?”

It’s my supervisor from my old (pre-Kate job).  I’m excited to see her and give her a big hug.  I haven’t seen her in three years.  She didn’t know I had another baby, so we chat about Michael, I ask about her little girls (She’s also selecting coats for her twins).  It’s so good to see her; she was one of the people I missed the most when I left my job.  She tells me I can contact her anytime to serve as a reference, and I tell her I will take her up on that.

Ah, Costco, bringing people together.  Seriously, I’m always on my best behavior at Costco because I always run into somebody.  It’s a fact.

We move deeper into the store and lo and behold, Costco has set up it’s Christmas section.  Kate starts screaming CHRISTMAS TREE!  CHRISTMAS TREE!  MAMA LOOOOOOOOOK!  And not only Christmas trees but toys.  Two large aisles of toys.  I tell Kate we’re not getting toys, but she can pick out what she’d like to ask Susie (a.k.a. her grandmother) for Christmas.  This always works.  She says, “I want that,” and I say, “Great!  Let’s tell Susie!”  Thanks, Susie!

After the toys I find a giant display of kids gloves.  Wow.  I’m declaring myself most-winter-prepared-mother as I gleefully toss a pair of pink XS gloves into my cart for $11.99.  Ah, feels good to be set for winter in September.  And now I’m sure it won’t snow or even get below 50 degrees.

We get temporarily trapped in the Halloween costume display, but once I see the costumes are $14.99, I let Kate pick a Snow White dress, figuring it can serve as dress up and Halloween.  We move on to pick up new wiper blades for my car, a deep dish pizza for dinner that night, bread, cheese, lunch meat, coffee, coffee creamer, snacks, these new rice chips on coupon that I hope are good, natural peanut butter (whining because I can’t find my almond butter), and shaving cream.

Seriously.  I love Costco.

And now I’m exhausted and it’s nearly 1 p.m.

We pull into the driveway and Dan meets us.  I show him the bounty and brag about how prepared I am for winter.  Kate puts on her new Snow White outfit and winter boots.  We eat lunch, I try the new rice chips (Verdict?  DELICIOUS!).

The rest of the afternoon I do some room parent stuff, flip through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest.  We play with Michael on his playmat.  Then a storm rolls in, so we can’t walk.  Put the pizza on.  I’m exhausted.  Dan takes some pictures for me.  We eat, chat, get Kate in the tub and Michael into his pajamas.  After Kate’s in bed, Dan and I watch Orange is the New Black (We’re crazy about this show!  Anyone else a fan?), and after one episode I crash into bed because I’ve got an early start tomorrow.





  • Marie

    That’s exactly what I do for eyeliner. I find the pencils kind of scary to use, always afraid I will pole myself in the eye!

    Ah, Costco! Always an adventure! One of these days we will join, though part of me is worried that it is like a mega-version of Target, where not only will I buy all the things, but in BULK!

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