Week in the Life 2013 | Friday

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Alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m. today.  I set it early because I’m teaching at a new gym this morning for the first time, so I want to have enough time to set up my bike and figure out the sound system.

I get there at 5:30 a.m., plenty of time for me to get set up.  I end up with a teeny tiny class of two people, which I expected since the gym opened less than a week ago.  I take my tiny group through a good workout, trying out some new coaching techniques.  I feel much less anxious since I’ve gotten this first time over with.  I sign out and head home to begin the morning.

We move kind of slow this morning, sipping coffee and eventually taking Belle for a walk.  We’re excited because the heat seems to have broken and it’s our first walk that isn’t all hot and sweaty.

At home I clean up the kitchen, make the beds, toss clothes in the laundry.  The kids and I head to the library to pick up a book for me.  Since we don’t have plans today, I let Kate linger through the kids section, picking out a stack of books for us to read.  We read for a bit and then head home.  I ignored the beginning of a headache and now I’m paying for it.  We eat lunch, and I settle on the couch with Michael, nursing a diet Pepi and wishing I didn’t ignore that headache when I first felt it coming on.

Most of the afternoon Kate quite surprisingly mostly entertains herself while I doze on and off on the couch, feeling the effects of getting up early and a busy week.  Dan finishes up work, and we head out for our evening walk.  It’s a beautiful, cool evening, and I’m feeling better.

Dan grills us a dinner of steak and chicken sausage, our version of “mixed grill,” a dinner my Dad invented and we love.  After dinner we divide and conquer – Dan gives Kate a bath, I clean up from dinner.  Michael and I offload the pictures from my camera and iPhone while Dan puts Kate to bed.  When she’s in bed, we give Michael a bath and get his bottle ready and then the three of us settle on the couch to watch Orange is the New Black.

I’m so glad the week is over.  It felt long.  I look forward to teaching BodyStep Saturday and Sunday and seeing girlfriends.


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