#reverb13 | prompt 27 | pee your pants funny

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#reverb13 is a prompt-a-day series for the month of December designed to reflect on 2013 and project on hopes and dreams for 2014.  Through December 31st Meredith, Kat and I will post each day with a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading.   Follow us on Twitter @project_reverb and hashtag #reverb13.  Let’s reverb.

Pee your pants funny:  What was the funniest thing that happened this year?  Was it funny when it happened?  Or was it one of those things you laughed about later?


That disastrous trip to the grocery was definitely the most I’ll-laugh-about-this-later moment.  I wasn’t laughing so much as clinging to my sanity that day.

But on the whole, living with small people is about as equally entertaining as it is infuriating.  We have to laugh or else we’d cry, right?

I’ve written before about stuff Kate says.  The things that come out of her mouth never cease to make me chuckle.

Here’s a few more moments that have me a little concerned about what she says at preschool:

A conversation between Kate and Mommy on the way home from preschool.

Me:  Kate, tell me about baby Jesus!

Kate: He’s just a baby.

Me:  Okay, well what did Mrs. S say about baby Jesus.

Kate:  Well, there was no room at the hotel.  He live in a stable.  With a cow.

A conversation between Kate and Daddy.  Note: Belle is barking in the background like the crazy nut she is.

Kate:  That f!!!cking dog!

Dan:  Kate!  We don’t say that.

Kate:  Mama say that!

A conversation between Kate and Mommy on the way to preschool:

Kate:  Mom, when you’re a bigger girl, you can go to school!

Me: snort!

Kate, Mommy, and Daddy talking about Christmas.

Kate:  Okay, I will sit on Santa’s lap.

Mommy and Daddy:  Great!

Kate:  But I’m not going to kiss him!


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