Project Life 2014 // January

February 3rd, 2014 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Project Life 2014 // January”

I much prefer this monthly approach to Project Life.  When I was working weekly, it felt like a crunch.  And I’m much more likely to have good photos to choose form over the course of a month than over a given week.

It was also a fun exercise to go back through my photos from the past month.  Sometimes it feels like nothing is going on.  But when I go through these photos, I remember, oh yeah, Michael learned to crawl this month.  And he started eating apples and clementines.  And Kate barely went to school (because of snow and ice), so I taught her to play Go Fish.  And how we all made a big effort to eat more real food.  And that I picked up BodyPump, so I launched three formats this month.

Part of the reason I like this project is how it forces me to review the month – the real good stuff and the real challenging stuff.  All that stuff of life stuff.

Are you doing Project Life this year?  Are you taking a weekly or monthly approach?

I used a mix of the Seafoam, Baby, and Midnight edition for these three layouts.



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