Weekend links // vol. 4

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I love sharing the great stuff and the great people I find around the Internet.  Each Saturday I’ll share some of my favorite things I read or saw this past week.

+Did you hit up the mega clearance sale at Janery?  Hurry before everything is sold out!  I’m personally loving the yellow and white chevron iPad sleeve…

+And speaking of Jane, she introduced me to Kalani from Kalanicut.  I knew I’d love her blog when I read her post about how she’s learning to stop resisting things that are good.  As a group fitness instructor, this made my heart sing.

+My pal Leslie Ann is kicking off her fat-loss cooking school soon.  I loved this behind the scenes video she did about what led her to creating her fat-loss cooking school.  Yo-yo dieting?  Oh, yeah.  That was totally me several years ago.  And it did nothing but make me completely miserable.  I love what Leslie Ann’s doing here.  No more diets!

+I am so over winter I could cry.  Oh wait, I did cry.  Yesterday.  Because this brutal winter is sucking my soul.  Hayley from The Tiny Twig wrote post on this subject that totally resonated with me.  I need a good thawing out, too.

+Have you ever taken the Five Love Languages quiz?  I did.  And I got a 10 for words of affirmation.  And a measly 1 for physical touch.  Dan scored the highest for physical touch.  Can you say opposites?!  I’m all: Tell me I’m great, but do it from WAY OVER THERE!

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