Podcast #8 // Ashlee Gadd from Where My Heart Resides


I can’t remember how I found Ashlee’s blog, but I’m so glad I did because she’s one of my favorite reads.  I love how she keeps it real while remaining positive.  Her photographs are stunning, her writing is inspiring, and I wish I lived in Sacramento so we could be in-real-life friends.

Here’s what we talked about:

+How Ashlee got started blogging.

+Ashlee’s photography business and our favorite camera lens.

+How we don’t even try to be the perfect moms.  And our current definition of “a clean house.”

+Why Ashlee feels called to tell her story.

+How we both believe in the importance of asking other moms for help and advice.

+Ashlee’s awesome post on the messier the house, the better the friendship.

+My post on how I’m happier as a mother of two.

+How we confess to our girlfriends how we let our kids eat Cheez Its for breakfast and how much TV we let our kids watch.

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Tune in next week when I’m joined by Ashley Mitchell from Blessings in a Basket.

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