Weekend links // vol. 5

March 1, 2014 Uncategorized 0

I love sharing the great stuff and the great people I find around the Internet.  Each Saturday I’ll share some of my favorite things I read or saw this past week.


+I admire Becky for her courage to share her story of infertility and also how she joining Resolve for Advocacy Day to bring more awareness to this issue.

+The other day I bought a big  bag of quinoa from Costco.  I’m thinking Erin’s Cumin Spiced Lemon Quinoa looks good, and I added it to my “try this next” recipe list.

+While I’m holding off on purchasing anything for our new house until we’re there, I’ve been doing lots of window shopping to gather inspiration.  Our kitchen design includes an over-sized island with spots for pendant lighting.  I came across these industrial glass pendant lights from West Elm, and I think they’d do nicely.

+Megan’s Samaos No-Bake Cheesecakes look delicious.  Whip cream?  Caramel?  What’s not to love?  I voted for her recipe in the Girl Scout cookie recipe contest, and I hope she wins!

+Rate Your Burn is one of my favorite fitness blogs.  This old post on the various people you meet in a cycle class cracked me up.  I linked it to my cycle girlfriends on Facebook, and we’ve been cracking each other up all week.  I’m a mix of 1) towel person (and fan operator girl), 2) the fawner, and 3) the cyclist who responds with gusto to all commands.

+Are you on Clickin’ Moms?  I just joined.  Have you ever taken one of the workshops?  Which one do you recommend?

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