Podcast #9 // Ashley Mitchell from Blessings in Basket


After the podcast with Karen Hammons, she messaged me and said, you’ve got to talk to Ashley Mitchell from Blessings in a Basket.  I immediately gave her a Google and found her non-profit organization and read her story.

And then I emailed her and asked her to please be a guest.  I knew her story would inspire other, and I knew she’d have a lot of good things to say about living an authentic, perfectly imperfect life.

And she said yes!  Here’s what we talked about:

+Both of our tendencies to be people pleasures.

+Ashley’s story of adoption, and how she started Blessings in a Basket.

+How we both DON’T do it all.

+Comparing ourselves to other moms.

+The pressure of being a positive role model for our children (and the pressure Ashley feels as serving as a role model for the women in her organization.)

I can’t thank Ashley enough for opening up her heart and sharing her story.  Be sure to check out Blessings in a Basket to learn more about Ashley and her cause.

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