Real Everyday Life // vol. 9

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There’s a really big hole in our front yard.

Two holes, actually.

I rejoiced this week when the water and sewer lines were dug up and capped.  And then the gas line was dug up and capped.  This means we are barreling towards demolition.  Now all we need are letters verifying everything has been cut off, then we can submit the demolition permit.  We’re hoping to have the house down sometime over the next two weeks.

This process is truly, one step forward, eight steps sideways, five steps back, two steps diagonal.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  But even when the asbestos guy called to tell me he lost the samples and would have to come back, get more samples, and resubmit the samples to the lab, I just laughed.  You can’t make this stuff up.  This process is bananas.

But it’s what we really want.  So we’re willing to go forward and backward and march in place to see it through.  Also, there are all these major holes in my front yard, so no going back now!


  • Kat (

    Sarah, this is forward motion. I’ve been telling people this a lot lately. Forward motion is…forward. Even if there are the lateral and sometimes backward moves! Your house as a paint color and the sewer lines are capped. This is real!

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