Real Everyday Life // vol. 14

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The house is really DOWN.

We have a camera installed at our neighbor’s house (Thanks, Alex and Melissa!), so we kept an eye on it Monday.  And Tuesday.  And finally Wednesday afternoon Dan shouted, “Sarah!  Open up the camera!  The house is going down!”

We watched it via the camera, and then I went to get Kate at school and swung around to watch them finish taking it down.

It felt weird watching it go down.  On the one hand, I’m elated.  This is a huge, physical step towards our house.  And on the other hand, it feels strange in a way that I can’t communicate.  I’m not sad.  I don’t feel bad.  It just feels weird that a structure where I once lived no longer stands.

And man did they make short work of the demo.




All that’s left is dirt.  And it’s time for the next chapter to be built.

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