Real Everyday Life // vol. 16

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I never know what to do about birthdays.  How can I make the person feel special?  What would he or she like?  I’m not very Pinteresty or Martha Stewarty.  I feel pressure to make the day grand…and I worry I can’t do it.

I know Michael is just one.  He won’t remember this day.  But we will.  I will.  And as I’m nearing 30, I’m doing this thing where I’m not worrying if it’s how Martha Stewart would celebrate.  I’m just going to do my best to make my people feel special.

It was Kate’s last day of preschool, so my sister and I dropped her off, took Michael for a breakfast at Panera (and a shopping trip to Target, naturally), and then took Kate to the park with her friends, and Michael practiced his walking skills on the mulch (note: he acts like his legs don’t work when he wears shoes.).

Unfortunately Dan was out of town on a business trip, but my sister and parents swooped in for birthday pizza and cupcakes.  At first he wasn’t interested in the cupcake.  But when I put him on my lap, he happily at it off the fork.

It’s good to be 1.

Thank you for the sweet birthday messages for Michael.  It means a lot to us!

  • That swinging photo is fantastic! And the three of you in party hats, adorable!

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