Podcast #24 // Anna Whiston-Donaldson from An Inch of Gray on Being Scared and Doing It Anyway


I don’t think it’s the absence of fear that makes us brave.  I think it’s being completely scared.  But doing it anyway.  Anna is brave.  She writes at An Inch of Gray about love and loss and faith.  I had the pleasure of meeting Anna recently, and I fell in love with her immediately.  She’s kind, thoughtful, and an incredible writer.  She actually has a book coming out this fall, Rare Bird, that’s available for pre-order now.  (Go pick it up!)

Here’s what we talked about:

+How Anna got started blogging.

+Challenges in motherhood and parenting.

+Anna’s son, Jack’s, accident and the support she’s received from the blogging community.

+How Anna came to write her book and the book writing process.

+And, my favorite topic: we both touch on feeling a bit like frauds, but pushing past that fear and accomplishing our goals.

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