Podcast #25 / Kate Hood from The Big Piece of Cake on Focusing on What’s Important

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A disappointing situation led to me befriending Kate.  I auditioned for the Listen To Your Mother DC Show (that Kate produces), and I wasn’t selected.  But Kate emailed me after the announcement went out, encouraging me to audition for the Baltimore show (I did, and I was selected.) and telling me how much she loved my piece and that even though it was one of her favorites, it just didn’t fit into that year’s show.  She said she wanted to remain in touch, so we did via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc…  And she invited me to the This is My Brave Show, created by her friend Jen Killi Marshall.  And at that show I met Anna, Kiran, and Jen.  Anna was on the podcast last week, Jen will be on the podcast next week, and Kiran and I are recording for an upcoming episode.

Kate is a huge connector of people.  I value her friendship and her insights.  And I love it when something awesome comes of out of something that, initially, seems like a disappointment.

Here’s what we talked about:

+Our kids and each of their very distinct personalities.  And how that makes parenting quite challenging.

+How we deal when life doesn’t go as planned.

+How getting older has helped us deal with anxious thoughts.

+How Kate got involved in the Listen To Your Mother DC Show.

+Kate’s advice on taking on big projects and keeping fear at bay.

+How she focuses on what’s important.

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