Podcast #33 // Courtney Bowden from Bowdenism on Showing Your Real

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It was so refreshing to chat with Courtney.  She’s such a real mom.  We’ve never talked before this episode.  But after we chatted, I felt like we were meant to be good friends.  I so appreciate how Courtney admits that being a new mom is hard with lots of “worst parts” and lots of “best parts.”  It’s tough to share what’s hard and challenging in our lives, so I love how Courtney is opening up about her real and encouraging others to open up about their real.

Here’s what we talked about:

+Our blogging background and our “awkward archives.”

+Both of our mutual OSU backgrounds.

+How sometimes we don’t get Twitter.  But how we love Instagram.

+Courtney’s #showyourreal project on her blog.

+How we’re pretty sure no one really has it “figured out.”

+How Courtney and I manage being mothers and working.  And how we so don’t have the secret sauce to making it all work.

+Our thoughts on “balance.”

+Here’s the post I mentioned on being happier as a mom of two.  And how we’ve learned to let go after having two kids.

+Courtney’s thoughts on being B+.

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