Podcast #35 // Katie Clemons on the Importance of Your Story


When I think of story, I think of Katie Clemons.  To me, she’s the epitome of story.  Telling your story, recording your story, sharing your story.  Katie and I met though our mutual friend, Jane, and I was immediately drawn to Katie’s shop, Gadanke.  How cool are these journals?  I had the pleasure of owning and filling out one of these journals, and I love the no-pressure nature of these darling books.  If you want to get your hands on these books, check out the customer favorites, the woman journal, and the she journal.  (Those are affiliate links, as I’m one of Katie’s affiliates, and I dig her stuff.)

Here’s what we talked about:

+Katie’s life in Montana.

+Katie’s and her husband, Martin’s, passion for flying airplanes.

+Katie lives in an airplane hanger that she and Martin constructed themselves!

+How Katie got started blogging at Making This Home.

+Katie’s journaling company, Gadanke.

+Perfection and journaling.  How we get caught up on having the perfect journal, and how to push past that feeling.

+Why Katie believes telling your story is so important.

+Katie’s TED talk on storytelling.

+Memory keeping: digital vs. analog.

+Juggling childcare and working for ourselves.

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