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I mentioned in a couple podcasts ago that I’m working part-time, and I realized I never really mentioned my job.  I’ve been working part-time (between 15 and 20 hours a week) for NDI, the company building my home.

(Disclosure:  I’m NOT receiving a free home.  Dan and I had already closed on our loan when this job opportunity presented itself.)

So, let’s back up.

When I knew I was going to leave my job to stay home with Kate, I started looking for a part-time job doing social media, blogging, photography, and web design.  I searched and searched for something flexible, something were I could mostly work at home.  It was tough to find something that was 20 hours (or less) and not require me to come in more than a handful of times a month.

I continued looking on and off since before Kate was born and even after Michael was born.  But nothing was the right fit.  But I knew something would happen, I’d just had to be patient.  And I didn’t want to take just anything.  It had to be the perfect fit (or as close the perfect fit as possible).

In the mean time, I honed my web design skills, teaching myself the ins and outs of WordPress and HTML.  Working on my photography.  And getting more serious about my blog.  And I kept my eyes open and looked for opportunities.

When we got more serious about building a home with NDI, I started thinking about NDI’s website and social media presence.  And how I could build a better website and a stronger social media presence.  And all the things I could do with photography (Hello, beautiful homes!).

In May, many months after we’d already signed the contract with NDI, I approached the President with a proposal.  I outline the work I could do: redo the website, take photos, marketing, social media, etc…

I wasn’t sure she’d go for it.  But I figured, if I don’t put myself out there, nothing will happen.  But if I do put myself out there, then I could land the job I’d been looking for for over four years.

And she accepted.

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So I’ve been working for NDI since May, re-vamping their website, taking photos of homes in progress and completed homes, coming up with marketing ideas, customer service ideas, running the social media accounts, etc…

I love working for NDI.  I love how it’s a small, family-owned company.  I love how I work directly with the President.  When I have an idea, I shoot it over to her.  And she says, “yes, run with it!”  Or, “Eh, I don’t love it.  Convince me/show me something else.”

Working this closely with someone I admire and having my ideas put into action quickly is the best.

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This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t dare to stick my neck out with the proposal.  So the lesson I’ve learned here is: stick your neck out!  Go for it!  Ask!  What’s the worst that can happen?  She could have said no.  If she said no, that would have been a bummer but I would have moved on.  But she said yes.  And now I get to pretend I’m on HGTV and spend hours taking about the pros and cons of different wood floors.  (Insert emoji with the heart eyes).

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    What a great lesson!

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