Sweatpants for Your Feet

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A couple of weekends ago I was cruising around DSW with my mom in search of tall boots.  I can’t ever find tall boots that work for me because of my…athletic calves.  Or super-sizes calves.  Anyone else have this problem?!

Anyway, I had a $5 off birthday coupon burning a hole in my pocket that I wanted to spend on the boots.  I found the boots.  But I decided to take a look at the clearance section just for kicks (see what I did there?).

I passed up a couple pairs of slip ons because they looked like they would cause blisters after about 90 seconds of wear.

But then I froze in my tracks when I ran across this lovely, feather gray pair of slip ons.

I pulled them out and immediately fell in love with how light weight they felt.  And that beautiful gray color I love so much.  I slipped them on and my feet went ahhhhhhh.

I’ve been wearing these shoes non-stop for almost two weeks.  These shoes are the sweatpants for your feet.  They feel like slippers.  And, when I’m hanging out on the playground with the kids, I don’t get those darn pebbles in my shoes.

These shoes are the Skechers Go Walk 2 and come in so many lovely colors I NEED THEM ALL!  How awesome is that navy pair?!  WANT!

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