Podcast #40 // Sarah R. Bagley on Perfectionism, Motherhood, Working, House Building, and Listening to Her Gut


When my friend, Katie, asked me if I would be willing to let her interview me for the podcast, I said, sure!  Why not?  I like to let my guests shine on this podcast, but I’ve been wanting to share more about myself.  And, it only seems fair that I answer the questions that I ask my guests, right?  😉

(Pst…here’s the podcast where Katie was my guest.)

Here’s what we talked about:

+How I came up with the podcast concept, and why I feel strongly about the concept behind this podcast.

+The fears I had as I prepared to launch this podcast.

+I break down how I make motherhood and work, work.

+Why I ignore laundry and dishes so I can get stuff done.

+My goals for this podcast.  And my dream guest.

+How I’ve handled this house building process.

+How I’m working to live through my values, not my outcomes.

+Listening to my gut.

+The three things I’ve learned from producing this podcast.

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