Week in the Life 2014 // Monday

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Monday, Monday!  Actually, this was a good Monday.  Since I knew I was documenting for #weekinthelife I took the time to enjoy the day instead of just pushing from one thing to the next.  I was on the look out for those sweet moments, without forcing them, you know what I mean?  I didn’t want this to feel like I had an “assignment.”  For a Type A like me, the work assignment means GRADE and the grade better be an A!

So, I just tried to notice things about my day.  And capture those moments I loved, even if the photo wasn’t perfect.

How did your Monday go?  If this is your first #weekinthelife how are you doing??

  • Whatever you made for dinner looks great! What is it?

    • Brussles sprouts! So so so good! It’s just shaved sprouts, olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little balsamic!

  • This is my first time doing Week in the Life! I always wanted to, but didn’t think I had anything to capture. Ridiculous! I’m Type A too, and always want that “A,” if not an “A+”, and I’ll admit, after seeing Ali’s post about HER Monday, I felt a little bad about my own photos (not enough, poor quality, etc.). But then I reminded myself it is NOT a competition and I was able to feel inspired, and proud of myself that I had captured more of my day than usual. High five for B+!

    • Ha, I know what you mean! And you’re so right. It’s not a competition! Also, I thought your photos were amazing! I loved how they told the story of your days.

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